Valkyrie Women's Wrestling debuts

Valkyrie Women's WrestlingAfter publicising itself as the first all-women’s wrestling show ever to be held in New York City, Valkyrie Women’s Wrestling presented its debut event with a one-night tournament – primarily featuring wrestlers from the local area. Vying for the trophy in the International Joshi Grand Prix were La Rosa Negra, Amanda Rodriguez, Mistress Belmont, Sumie Sakai, Hania, Cherry Bomb, Jessie Brooks and Davienne, as well as Kacee Carlisle throwing out an open challenge after Mickie Knuckles revealed that she would be unable to attend because of the ankle injury she suffered last weekend.

We’ve got results from the show in Brooklyn, NY after the jump courtesy of Dave Muscarella – as well as a little controversy – involving the next scheduled show…

Kacee Carlisle came out to address the fact that she has no opponent and issued an open challenge – it was accepted by Knuckles’ former tag team partner Jessie Belle Smothers.
International Joshi Grand Prix tournament – opening round:
1. Hania pinned Cherry Bomb with a bridging roll-up
2. La Rosa Negra beat Amber Rodriguez with a frog splash
3. Jessie Brooks defeated Davienne with an Exploder Suplex
4. Sumie Sakai bested Mistress Belmont with a swinging neckbreaker
International Joshi Grand Prix tournament – semi finals:
5. La Rosa Negra pinned Hania with a frog splash
6. Sumie Sakai beat Jessie Brooks with a roll-up
7. Kacee Carlisle defeated Jessie Belle Smothers after hitting her in the face with brass knuckles
International Joshi Grand Prix tournament – final:
8. Sumie Sakai bested La Rosa Negra with a swinging neck breaker to win the tournament


Sumie Sakai Dave MuscarellaAccording to Dave, La Rosa Negra played a blinder – which comes off her well-received match against Niya Barela the previous evening at SHINE 19, so it’s been a good weekend for the Puerto Rican. However, the announcement of Knuckles v Carlisle for the follow-up show on July 19 was met with a quick denial on Mickie’s Twitter, citing “shady dealings between talent and office” on pay and travel expenses in her posts.

It’s fortunate that Valkyrie Women’s Wrestling kept costs down for the first show by booking just 10 wrestlers for its first show and having a tournament format as at around 50, the audience numbers were reportedly quite low. While the wrestling was well-received, it may need something more than the pull of it being a NYC women’s promotion to pull in the fans as followers of women’s wrestling have already demonstrated that they are willing to travel elsewhere in the North East to watch events. In addition, booking wrestlers from the local vicinity for the most part will make it difficult to separate itself from the pack.

Granted, it is early days for the promotion but it will need to establish itself as a viable alternative to other companies in the North East for it to be a real success. We’ll see what happens on July 19, as well as how it deals with the revelation that Knuckles doesn’t appear to want to be a part of it.


Dave has also sent us his thoughts on the event:

Overall, the show was good. It had a solid mix of established names mixed with some local talent. The show ran in the Ludus Wrestling School which is, like most wrestling schools, a glorified garage in the middle of Brooklyn, NY. So, it had a more intimate feel to it, much like WSU Secret Shows. A crowd of around 50 people attended the show, although it seems to me that about 1/3 of the crowd might have been friends/family of some of the wrestlers and/or staff, so I am not sure what the paid attendance truly was. That being said, the crowd was lively and loud all night which definitely helped the atmosphere.

Due to injury, Mickie Knuckles was not on this show. Jessie Belle Smothers, who was the replacement of Kimber Lee, took her spot in the non-tournament match against Kacee Carlisle. This made some sense as Jessie Belle was trained by Mickie so there was a connection there. Replacing Smothers in the tournament was Amber Rodriguez. Speaking of replacements, Davienne faced Jessie Brooks and did not look good here. Not sure how many matches Davienne has worked in the past, but she came off rather poor. It would have been nice to see someone else who was more established in her spot to be honest.

La Rosa Negra Dave MuscarellaMatch of the night had to be Hania vs La Rosa Negra. This match was given a good amount of time and they used that time wisely. Negra had two managers with her. One male, who was a blatant Armando Estrada clone, and a female who didn’t do hardly anything all night. I found La Rosa’s heel work to be quite good as she got into with a lot of fans all night and it made her stand out more than some of the others. Negra’s frog splash is a thing of beauty. Hania was her typical self in this match, which is to say, she was rock solid. It’s nice to see Hania continuing to work with more girls and especially someone who can make her high flying skills.

Sumie Sakai ultimately won the tournament beating Mistress Belmont, Jessie Brooks, and La Rosa Negra in the finals. Considering this was a “International Joshi Grand Prix” tournament, it seems fitting to have the only Japanese wrestler win it. They announced a return of July 19 for the next show. Kacee Carlisle mentioned in her post match promo about facing Mickie Knuckles at then next show, but that is up in the air after Knuckles tweeted about “shadiness” of the promoter. Ultimately, while it was a good show and there is never too much women’s wrestling, I do wonder where Valkyrie fits in the women’s wrestling landscape. The NJ/NY area already has Women Superstars Uncensored and PWS Bombshells running shows, so is there really a neeed for a third one? I think ultimately it depends on the roster. This show seemed much like a PWS Bombshells show, but I suppose time will tell if it gets its own identity.

– Lee Burton
– Photo by Dave Muscarella (2,3)


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