Triple H discusses Charlotte v Natalya at NXT Takeover

Natalya Charlotte WWE NXTWith around 24 hours until a new NXT Women’s Champion is crowned, WWE COO Triple H has been speaking about both competitors vying to take the title. Charlotte and Natalya have made it to the final of the championship tournament set up following Paige being stripped of the belt – Charlotte got to this position by beating Emma and Alexa Bliss, while Natalya defeated Layla and Sasha Banks to make it to this point. They will wrestle as part of the Takeover card being broadcast live on the WWE Network, with Charlotte being accompanied by her father Ric Flair, while Bret “Hit Man” Hart will be in niece Natalya’s corner.

The Game was asked about the NXT Women’s Title decider as part of his weekly sit-down with Michael Cole, with his saying “I have to say, Nattie is one of the best in-ring performers that we have in the Divas division, and Charlotte is quickly becoming one of the best. It’s going to be very interesting – I’ve never seen a more genetically gifted athlete than I’ve seen [in] Charlotte. Nattie has scratched and clawed her way to the success that she has. You add Ric and Bret in those corners with the emotion that’s going to be there… I don’t think there’ll be a dry eye in the house – at least from Ric’s perspective.”

Triple H also chaired a conference call ahead of Takeover earlier and was asked about Charlotte. He praised her progression and how she is a natural at the technical portion of training but needs to transition from having the skills into putting them all together to be a wrestler instead of portraying one.

It’s a fair call to make. The 28-year old has only been training for two years and had her first match less than a year ago, so is by no means the finished article. Standing 5’10”, she is highly athletic and is picking things up quickly, but isn’t ready for a main roster call-up yet. Winning the NXT Women’s Championship at this stage in her career may be the best thing for her as she can make the division her own for a while and possibly trade the title with other up and comers.

Despite Natalya’s experience and ability, one would have to imagine that Takeover will be Charlotte’s night.

– Lee Burton
– Photo by WWE


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