WOW Podcast #68 with Saraya Knight

WOW Saraya 14

Episode 68 with Saraya Knight

It’s been almost two years since we had the force of nature known as Saraya Knight on our podcast, so ahead of Bellatrix IX this weekend in Norwich, we figured we’d check in and see how “mum” is doing, especially now that her little girl Paige is the WWE Divas Champion. During the 80+ minute show, topics include include the Channel 4 “Fighting With My Family” documentary from a couple of years back; her extended family (and her ongoing campaign against people imitating her family members on social media); a preview of this weekend’s show (including a discussion on just how good Sammi Baynz is, the ridiculous and true story of Destiny‘s broken bone injury; and a look back at some previous Bellatrix shows, including – believe it or not – the deaf, dumb and blind wrestler who competed on the last show); the wacky story of the night she saw her daughter win the Divas Title on Raw; an update on her eye-watering collection of injuries; the art working the crowd and whether we could see a babyface Saraya Knight in America – and then she tops it all off with a ten minute road-trip story from back in the day that involves a broken down van, a game of Trivial Pursuit, a ditch, a bull, multiple breakdown vehicles, commando manoeuvres in a field and an unexpectedly painful groin. Mental – but we love her. Enjoy the show.

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