Shazza McKenzie – New PWWA Champion

Shazza McKenzieIt’s been a long wait for her to get the shot, but when she received it, she made sure it went her way. Shazza McKenzie is the new PWWA Champion, defeating Evie with a hangman’s variant of her Shaztastic Stunner to secure her first reign with the championship in a match which has been in the making for quite some time.

After coming up short last November in a 4-way for the title which saw Evie defend against McKenzie, Jessie McKay and Michelle K Hasluck – a match you can watch by clicking here – Australia’s number one cheerleader with no cheerleading experience became number one contender in January by defeating McKay with two Stunners, then held onto her shot by beating Kellyanne English in April. The match – with McKay as special referee – took place in Casula, Australia yesterday, with the Kiwi being delivered her toughest defeat to date on Australian soil.

In practical terms, the win makes sense on a number of levels. The last time the belt was defended was in that 4-way last November, as Evie spent much of the first half of 2014 overseas in Japan wrestling for World Woman Pro Wrestling Diana or in the United States, taking bookings for the likes of SHIMMER and SHINE. Those international bookings meant that the PWWA Championship scene had to be put on hold – which explains why Shazza had two matches to establish her as the number one contender. With McKenzie holding the belt, it means that the championship can be defended on a more regular basis against a number of opponents like McKay, English and more.

While we have pointed out in the past that Shazza is a fun and likeable baby face, her heel run has given her a new dimension to her character, and the possession of the PWWA Title should give her the extra elements to allow her to take that persona into overdrive. It will be interesting to see what’s going to happen in her – and the championship’s – future.

– Lee Burton
– Photo by Shazza McKenzie


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