SHIMMER Champion heading back to Japan

Cheerleader MelissaCheerleader Melissa will be heading back to Japan this coming August. The current SHIMMER Champion will be competing in World Wonder Ring STARDOM’s third-annual 5*STAR Grand Prix. Though this is not Cheerleader Melissa’s first appearance under the promotion, this time around she will be fighting several competitors as part of the round-robin tournament for the coveted 2014 5*STAR GP trophy and ultimately landing a shot at the World Of STARDOM Championship. Back at “STARDOM THE HIGHEST,” she wrestled Shirai for the title in the main event to 1, 050 in attendance as the champion caught her with the Double-Arm Facebuster at the eighteen-minute mark for a sixth title defense. The year-annual show featured four of the promotion’s championships on the line as the Wonder of STARDOM, Artist of STARDOM, World Of STARDOM and the Goddesses Of STARDOM Titles were all defended. Cheerleader Melissa had planned to collect a third championship ahead of SHIMMER Women Athletes’ Volume 62 in New Orleans, Louisiana the following month. Despite the SHIMMER Title wrapped around her waist and River City Wrestling Angels Championship riding on her shoulder, Io Shirai retained.

The promotion is currently preparing for their upcoming show, “PREMIUM STARS” on July 10th, which will feature Shirai defending her title against Meiko Satomura in the main event. The 5*STAR Grand Prix is worked under round-robin rules as competitors are divided into two blocks, Red Stars or Blues Stars. Starting on August 24th, the competitors will work their way through their respective blocks with the winners facing off in the finals on September 23rd. A win equates to two points, a draw is one point and a loss amounts to zero. Like years past, the World of STARDOM Champion will be involved in the tournament, but the title will not be on the line. Past competitors in Kairi Hojo, Kaori Yoneyama, Alpha Female, Yoshiko, Takumi Iroha and Kyoko Kimura will be involved. In addition, six-year pro Star Fire will be venturing outside of Mexico for the first time for her debut in STARDOM. The luchadora has already been acquainted with Shirai. Last month the two competitors fought over the “red belt” in Tlalnepantla, Mexico for LEGEND Promociones’ Lucha Fan Fest. To no avail, Shirai retained.

Last year’s winner Nanae Takahashi will also be competing. Takahashi took the Blue Stars league and went head-to-head with runner-up Alpha Female (winning the Red Stars league by way of a tiebreaker over Shirai) in the finals as both finished with seven points each. Takahashi won with the Lariat on Alpha Female and faced Shirai for the title as part of STARDOM’s 100th show on November 4th. The promotion announced that competitors for each block will be confirmed early on in August.

Photo courtesy of Maejima Yasuhito

Information courtesy of STARDOM


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