WWE Network counts down “Top 10 Dangerous Divas”

WWE Countdown
This week, the WWE Network‘s ‘Countdown’ show featured a top 10 countdown of what they termed the ‘Top 10 Dangerous Divas’, as voted for by the WWE Universe. We’re not sure how long ago the voting took place for this edition of the show, nor when the show was mostly put together (a shaven headed CM Punk is seen commenting on some of the entries, for example), but it was nonetheless an interesting hour of programming – full of excellent clips of some of the more notable female performers over the years in the WWE.

It’s not a list to be taken seriously by any means, but it does reflect an interesting point. Of the top 10 ‘Dangerous Divas’ listed (and you can quantify that term however you wish), only Stephanie McMahon is still with the company – and while Stephanie and a number of the current WWE Divas are seen commenting on their predecessors, it did give the impression that there is nobody around today who has anywhere near the impact that some of the previous generations did. Most of the top 10 you could probably guess (and the usual two you’d expect were indeed at numbers 1 and 2) – and while a few others were mentioned in passing (there was a brief mention of Miss Elizabeth at the start of the show – one of several women credited with being “the first Diva” on this show), and Mickie James, Luna Vachon and AJ Lee all had somewhat of an honourable mention during a quick diversion into the sub-genre of “Crazy Chicks”, there was no love on the countdown for many former champions, including the likes of Ivory, Wendi Richter, Victoria and Michelle McCool – although most of them were seen in clip form at some point in passing. On the other hand, unless she was in the absolute briefest of clips, it looks like one-time trailblazer Chyna wasn’t even shown for a second.

The countdown in full…

10. SunnyTrish and Lita

9. Alundra Blayze

8. Sable

7. The Fabulous Moolah

6. Sensational Sherri

5. Mae Young

4. Stephanie McMahon

3. Beth Phoenix

2. Trish Stratus

1. Lita

Any thoughts on the top 10? Missed your favourite? Surprised at a ranking? Feel free to let us know via social media or in the comments below. The ‘Dangerous Divas’ episode of WWE Countdown will be airing on the live WWE Network feed throughout the week at various times, but is available on demand at any time.

— Stew Allen


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