In Video: Heidi Lovelace proving Wrestling *is* Heart

This probably won’t shock anybody, but Heidi Lovelace is pretty damn great. As we’ve noted before here at Ringbelles, there might not be a more diverse wrestler doing the rounds on the indy scene today. She’ll wrestle women. She’ll wrestle guys. She’ll wrestle any style of match you need from old school grappling anywhere through to, well, death matches (she’s part of IWA:MS‘s upcoming Queen of the Deathmatches tournament next weekend, for example). She’ll work serious or comedy, and portray any character you like from sympathetic babyface to irritating heel. Basically, she’s the real deal.

For today’s “In Video” segment, we’re sharing a match of Heidi’s from last October – a match that was only recently released in full on YouTube by Chikara as part of their series of #CHIKPicks by members of the promotion as part of the buildup to their return iPPV last month. This match, from Wrestling is Heart last October was picked by Chikara host Gavin Loudspeaker, who terms it his “favourite match of the past year”. Heidi’s opponent? Well, it’s only “The War King” Eddie Kingston. Final (at the time) Chikara Grand Champion and “Last of a Dying Breed”.

[Ron Simmons Voice]Damn.[/Ron Simmons Voice]

We’ve included Heidi’s pre-match hype promo too. Oh yeah, she’s good at that too =)

— Stew Allen
— Feature image photography by Missie Bird via WIH facebook


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