Sachie Abe to retire

Sachie AbeWe’re halfway through the year and the continuous announcements of impending retirements have become routine more than before. Today, Sachie Abe decided that her eighteen-year career would be finished up on August 17th as part of JWP’s show at the Korakuen Hall, making it her final appearance as an active competitor. Starting her journey back in April of 1995, the then 20-year old Abe began her career with JDStar(then simply known as Jd’), hosting a range of competitors from Bison Kimura, Esther Moreno, Lioness Asuka, Megumi Kudo to founder Jaguar Yokota.

In 1998, she began working for ARSION and would ultimately leave Jd’ Star all together. Abe was one of the many competitors that left the promotion in disagreement towards the “Athress”(athlete-actress) concept being pushed more as opposed to the established wrestlers on the roster. In the wake of ARSION’s closure in 2003, Abe joined Mima Shimoda, Mika Nishio and the rest of the former roster for the launch of Yumiko Hotta’s AtoZ.

Since then, Sachie Abe has enjoyed three reigns as JWP Tag Team Champion, holding the title on two occasions with her “The☆WANTED?!” partner KAZUKI  in 2006 and 2007 and for a third time with Aja Kong with the unified Daily Sports Women’s Tag Team Championship in 2010. Abe also formed “Hysteric Babe” with Arisa Nakajima back in 2006 and have continued to work together over the years.

The 39-year old is the fifth joshi to retire from the sport this year alone. Natsuki*Taiyo finished up at the top of this month, whereas Yuhi bowed out in March. Manami Katsu’s final match is scheduled for July 13th and current SHIMMER Tag Team Champion Tomoka Nakagawa will be finishing up on December 4th. Sachie Abe’s final match will be at JWP’s annual “Pure Slam” on August 17th.


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