IWA: Mid South – Queen of the Death Matches 2014 – Live coverage

IWA-MS_new_logoToday is IWA: Mid South‘s “Royal Day of Death”, as the Midwest promotion present tournaments for both ‘Queen of the Death Matches’ and ‘King of the Death Matches’ from The Rustic Frog in New Albany, Indiana.

The ‘Queen’ tournament features a mix of regular IWA:MS names such as Heidi Lovelace, Thunderkitty and Randi West alongside debuts for the likes of Jewells Malone (replacing the injured Mickie Knuckles), Hudson Envy and hardcore luchadora Ludark Shaitan, and it takes up the afternoon slot on this ‘Royal Day’. There’s also a non tournament attraction, with LuFisto taking on Jordynne Grace.

We have results courtesy of Alex Castle, in attendance.

1. Non Tournament: LuFisto pins Jordynne Grace following a Cradle DDT
2. Quarter Final – TLC*: Heidi Lovelace pinned Hudson Envy following a powerbomb off a ladder onto a pile of tacks.
3. Quarter Final – Your Ass Is Glass Deathmatch**: Randi West pinned Mistress Burgandi following a frogsplash off the top rope onto Burgandi through a pane of glass held up by two chairs.
4. Quarter Final – Hardcore Bondage Deathmatch***: Thunderkitty beat Jewells Malone via barbed-wire assisted choke.
5. Quarter Final – Barefoot Four Corners of Pain****: Ludark Shaitan pinned Kiki Rose
6. Semi Final – Homerun Derby*****: Randi West pinned Thunderkitty following a facebuster on a chair
7. Semi Final – Fans Bring The Weapons: Ludark Shaitan pinned Heidi Lovelace after a slam off the top onto Christmas ornaments.
8. Final – House of Glass Deathmatch: Randi West beat Ludark Shaitan to win the 2014 Queen of the Death Matches title.

* Tacks, Ladders & Canes
** Panes of Glass, Bundles of Tubes, Pits of Glass
*** Barbed Wire Dog Collar/Cat of Nine Tails on a Pole
**** Tacks, Tubes, Mousetraps, Rubbing Alcohol
***** Thumbtack/Toothpick Bat


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