In Video: Jenny Rose v Marcela

Jenny Rose MarcelaVery seldom does CMLL World Women’s Champion Marcela venture out of Mexico, though we have one of her contests during a visit to the US for you today.

The contest took place on May 24 in Brooklyn, NY for Johnny Rodz promotion World of Unpredictable Wrestling, which saw Marcela take on Jenny Rose, who has spent a large chunk of the last few years wrestling in Japan for World Woman Pro Wrestling Diana, before making the decision to return to the US to continue her career. At 43, Marcela is almost twice the age of her 22 year old opponent, but you would be hard-pressed to tell that from their contest, which features a mix of technical and submission wrestling, peppered with some high-flying and big slams.

Incidentally, Rose is making her Anarchy Championship Wrestling debut today as one of the eight participants of the American Joshi Queen of Queens tournament taking place in Austin, TX. We hope to bring you results of that show as soon as we get hold of them.

– Photo by Jenny Rose


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