Money in the Bank: Naomi experiences the RamPaige, while Layla kicks Summer Rae out of Fandango’s life

Paige WWEPaige defends her WWE Divas Championship against Naomi, while the challenger’s partner Cameron unenthusiastically observes from ringside. Elsewhere, Layla and Summer Rae fight to win Fandango‘s heart.

WWE Divas Championship Match
Paige v Naomi

The Background

• Things started in the post-Payback press conference when Cameron decided to interrupt Paige’s session to demand a match between the two. The pair fought on Main Event the following Tuesday, where the champion won.

• They fought again on Raw a few weeks later with the same result, though Paige was dealt her second loss since winning the title the following day on Main Event when Naomi pinned the champion. Cameron celebrated the victory as if she had won the math herself and shoved Paige when she went to shake Naomi’s hand, which saw her receive a kicking as a result while Naomi did nothing to help, acting as if she deserved it for getting too big for her boots.

• Naomi secured the title shot on last week’s Raw, pinning Alicia Fox. Champion and challenger shook hands afterwards.

The Match

• A strong lockup between the two sees them spill to the outside, and both went for drop-kicks when they returned to the ring – though it was Naomi who got the early advantage with a slam on Paige from the apron to the floor, followed by a running plancha over the top rope.

• A Naomi top rope crossbody back in the ring is reversed and reversed again for a pair of two counts, with similar results for O’Connor Roll attempts, before Naomi locked Paige into a surfboard for a submission attempt.

• The challenger’s next attempt to go to the top rope was cut off by the titleholder, though both spilled to the floor from the superplex attempt. Back inside, Paige took over with a kick to the midsection and a Stump Puller submission hold. Naomi fought back with a clothesline, hurricanrana and dropkick, followed by the Rear View for the near-fall.

• A split-legged moonsault saw her eat Paige’s knees, but Naomi reversed the PTO attempt into an inside cradle for another two count. Undeterred, Paige nailed the RamPaige (cradle DDT) for the pinball victory.


Paige Naomi WWE• This is the first Divas Title match in a long time which was not placed in the death spot following a big match, so the crowd was hotter – and it made a difference. The fans were more into the contest, the commentators talked about the match instead of plugging other stuff, and it felt like it mattered.

• As for the match, despite the lack of story – which is pretty endemic of Naomi matches which are more about spots than stories – it’s both women’s best PPV match of their respective careers. Sure, it was a little messy here and there but it was exciting and interesting, with some pretty nice near-falls by Naomi giving us the impression that we could see a new champion.

• Cameron was a non-factor on the outside. Nonplussed when Naomi was on the attack and more satisfied when Paige was winning, she didn’t do much else, so her heel turn will have to wait a little while longer.

• The win helps to cement Paige’s title reign a bit more, and serves her well. I’d be happy to see these two wrestle again. Thumbs up.

Summer Rae v Layla

The Background

Summer Rae Layla WWE• Fandango dumped Summer Rae as his dance parter via Twitter just after WrestleMania XXX, aligning himself with Layla soon afterward. This continued until Summer returned in mid-May to attack Layla. The pair started going after each other backstage and at ringside during Fandango’s matches, with Summer wearing a chicken mask and posing as one of Adam Rose‘s Rosebuds on one occasion to get to her enemy.

• Summer kissed Fandango to rile up Layla, leading to this match where Fandango served as a referee, promising to call it down the middle.

The Match

• Layla began by throwing Summer out of the ring before flirting with Fandango, only for Summer to come back in and do the same. Layla shoved Rae – who ended up in the referee’s arms – before taking her down and executing an Indian Deathlock.

• Summer rebounded with a number of hair throws, but was thwarted with a Layla high kick for the win. Layla and Fandango kissed after the bell and left together, leaving an upset Summer in the ring.


• Shite. Absolute shite. Probably the worst women’s match on pay-per-view this year. Poor wrestling, crappy story and no real incentive for anyone to care about who won. After all, why are these two women so eager to fight over this guy? It all seems so pathetic. I hope this is the end of all of this and everyone can move on – because this has done nobody any favours, and it’s been one of the most badly executed babyface turns ever as it pertains to Summer Rae.

• I never want to see this again.

– Photos by WWE


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