AJ Lee returns to WWE; recaptures Divas Championship

AJ Lee WWEAJ is the WWE Divas Champion once again. She returned on Raw last night in her first appearance since losing the title to Paige on April 7 to congratulate the woman who vanquished her, and to do penance for her actions during her mammoth title reign.

Following Sunday’s victory over Naomi, Paige came out to conduct a rare promo, saying that she feels that her three months as champion proved that she deserved to hold the title and that she proved the naysayers wrong, but was interrupted by a returning AJ who admitted that she got too big for her boots and was knocked down a few pegs by the Brit’s victory. Paige responded saying she knew what was going on – that AJ was doing what Paige did the night after WrestleMania XXX by trying to goad her into a title defence, and said it wasn’t going to happen. However, AJ polled the crowd to get their feelings and Paige then accepted the defence.

The match saw a more aggressive and cocky Paige, who was shocked with an inside cradle to see the title return to AJ, much to approval of the fans in Hartford, CT.

The match and the promo which preceded it facilitated a double-turn, with AJ Lee now the babyface and Paige becoming the heel, and seemingly sets things up for a feud between the two. We will have more on this is the Roundup coming later today, but let us know in the comments about how you feel about this turn of events (which also debunks the rumour going around that AJ Lee was pregnant).

– Photo by WWE


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