A good half year for… Miss Mina

Half Year Miss Mina Jarmo Katila

So far we have covered names which you would be likely to see on DVD or iPPV on a regular basis – but success cannot always be measured that simply. Some wrestlers are working without the benefit of such large international exposure, but are forging ahead and making themselves more marketable in the process. Miss Mina is a perfect example.

Granted, her list of matches this year is hardly that extensive, but most of them have been significant. Her first big achievement of the year was not a victory, but was a significant achievement nonetheless as she competed in virtually the whole of the 30-woman Bellatrix Rumble match at Bellatrix 8 in March, entering at number five and almost making it to the end. Due to the large number of women Miss Mina Jessica Love Michael Ruebsameninvolved in the contest and how the ring got very full at times, it was difficult for wrestlers to make an impression – but Mina managed it with her entrance, diving off the top rope to clothesline both Destiny and Lady Lory at the same time. However, while she had a good showing at Bellatrix’s first show of the year, her real success has come in her native Scandinavia, starting the following weekend…

The 10-year pro emerged victorious in front of a group of loud and emotionally-involved fans at the Svensk Wrestling Syd Queen of the Ring tournament in Malmo, Sweden defeating Lory, Jessica Love and White Tigress in the final match to earn a shot at the Nordic Women’s Wrestling Alliance Championship held by Aurora Flame (read the report here and watch the show in full here). Unfortunately her victory also saw her pick up a injury to her ankle which meant that Love challenged for the title instead, and went down in defeat – though the ailment turned out for the best as it meant that Mina would get her shot at the belt in her home promotion in her home country of Norway just a few weeks later.

Mina and Flame’s streetfight at the Norwegian Wrestling Federation show at the end of March was the first of its kind in the country and didn’t disappoint, as both women brutalised each other with weapons and Aurora left the ring a bloody mess. However, she did not leave with the NWWA Championship as Mina wrested it from her grasp with a top rope senton, kicking off the 29-year old’s first reign with the region’s most prestigious women’s title. You can read a report and see a post-match photo of Flame by clicking here, and the match can be found at this link, but the match was well received by fans and was given the treatment that you would expect for a title match with stipulations.

Miss MinaRefusing to rest on any laurels, the Nordic Valkyrie has already completed her first successful defence, beating Sara Elektra to retain the belt on Fight Club Finland’s show at the end of May, which featured Flame as a special guest referee, and had another successful defence against La Viuda Negra on GBG Wrestling‘s show in Gothenburg, Sweden on last weekend.

We have spoken throughout this year that Europe’s bank of female wrestlers is rapidly growing and the quality level is ascending at the same time. Scandinavia has an interesting hotbed of talent these days, and means that titles such as the NWWA Championship can truly exist and be fought for by a number of capable competitors. Mina was Norway’s first female wrestler, and that may still be the case, though there are women in Sweden and a little further afield in Finland for her to wrestle – as well as venturing to the UK for more bookings. She is currently the figurehead for her geographical area at the moment and is spearheading its development of women’s wrestling, with a big sign being that UK talent is travelling there to work rather than the other way around.

If you’re looking to check out a new – and frankly, rather obscure – area for women’s wrestling, Scandinavia may be a good place to check out. The scene is growing, and more eyes and attention on the product will help it expand further.

– Photos by Michael Ruebsamen, Miss Mina


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