Gail Kim wins the Knockouts Championship, plus Brittany turns heel

Angelina Love Gail Kim TNAGail Kim is the TNA Knockouts Champion for the 4th time after defeating Angelina Love on last night’s episode of Impact Wrestling.

Kim received another shot at the title after pinning Love in a tag team match in last week’s episode where Gail teamed with former rival Taryn Terrell, while Angelina was with Beautiful People partner Velvet Sky. The edict was also made to assign Brian Hebner as referee for the contest instead of Brian Stiffler to try and stop a similar situation to what happened in their previous encounter at Slammiversary last month where the officiating was less than impartial.

To demonstrate how the referee was not going to take any guff, Hebner ejected Sky from ringside after catching her interfering – though she had already got some shots in behind his back before being caught – leaving Love and Kim going one-on-one. Angelina could have had the win via count-out after knocking Gail off the ropes with a Botox Injection but wanted to pin her – though that only garnered a near-fall. A second attempt at her finisher was reversed into an Eat Defeat, securing the win and the championship for the woman who was the first titleholder back in 2007.

The win was a popular one – an eye opener considering how long Kim has worked as a heel – but it seems that Gail really does work better as a babyface. The Beautiful People are likely to pursue the title again, but now there is another heel who is seemingly on the verge of a push.

Elsewhere on the show, Brittany turned on Madison Rayne after weeks of tension and a teased lesbian angle which seemingly came to nothing. The newest Knockout called out her idol to apologise to her, but then launched an assault, saying you should never meet your heroes. It should set up a programme between the two which Brittany needs to get something out of in order to progress her development in the promotion – should she just get steamrolled, it won’t do her much good. Having said all that, this segment is Brittany’s best work so far in TNA, so that’s promising.

You can watch the video of both segments below, and let us know in the comments how you feel about Gail Kim being champion again, as well as Brittany’s prospects for the future.

– Photos by TNA


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