In Video: Heel Kay Lee Ray? Surely not!

Kay Lee RayGoogle crashed last August; Twitter went down in March and Facebook also fell over last month. This video is more momentous than all of those incidents.

Kay Lee Ray is the quintessential babyface. With a big smile, flame-red hair and daredevil arsenal, she is someone who fans naturally find themselves cheering for. Imagine how weird it would be to see KLR as a heel, antagonising fans and being an absolute bumstain to people. Well, wonder no more as we have a match from French promotion Ouest Catch where such a thing happened.

Watching her contest against Shanna from March is like trying to write with the other hand – it just feels wrong, but is fun at the same time.

Alright, maybe we’re being a bit overdramatic here but it’s still a strange sensation to see the high-flying Scot playing the villainous role. Have a watch below to see it all unfold.


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