Emma returns to WWE TV

Emma Cameron WWEIt’s been a tough couple of weeks for Emma, but she is back on WWE TV following her minor run-in with the law and how her employers made a total hash of dealing with the situation.

To recap: the Australian Diva was arrested on June 30 for suspected sixth degree larceny at a Wal-Mart in Hartford, CT, and was told to do a day’s community service the following day, with the arrest and charge not making it onto a criminal record. Two days later, WWE released her from her contract, which caused wrestling fans to go into uproar on social media about the company’s double standards concerning how other wrestlers have been arrested and charged with much worse crimes in the past and at worst, got off without punishment or at best received a bigger push. In a massive about-turn, WWE reinstated her three hours after announcing her release, and she has been off TV since then.

Thirteen days after her firing and re-hiring, the 25-year old made her first appearance in front of the cameras, defeating Cameron on last night’s Main Event broadcast as part of the build towards Cameron taking on former partner Naomi in the pre-show ahead of Battleground this Sunday. Naomi was at ringside on commentary and it was Cameron’s intent to swap words with her fellow former Funkadactyl which saw Emma seize the opening to grab the pinball with an inside cradle. Cameron went to attack the victor after the bell but Naomi made the save, setting up for their match at the weekend.

Before the show, Emma sent out her first tweet since her release and reinstatement, saying:

Fair enough, Emma was used as a foil to continue the Funkadactyl feud, and she is still without a real direction – which may continue for a while due to there being so many storylines going on in the Divas division at the moment – but at least she’s not being kept off TV until she’s of no value, and then being released because creative had nothing for her. If she’s on TV, she can be somewhat marketable in the future.

– Photo by WWE


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