Kaitlyn talks leaving WWE, and if she should have stayed

Kaitlyn WWEWhen Kaitlyn left WWE in January, we totally understood her decision. After losing the Divas Championship she pretty much vanished off the face of the earth. Six months on, Celeste Bonin – who also became Mrs PJ Braun after leaving WWE – has been speaking to the Baltimore Sun about a number of topics including her first appearance in wrestling since stepping away from the ring, her reasons for leaving, her new business ventures and most importantly, whether she would have stayed in WWE if there was more focus on the Divas like we’re enjoying at the moment.

When I retired, it was a bit of a last-minute decision. I had been thinking about it for a while because there was a lot of things happening in my life and it was a transitional time for me. I had just gotten engaged, and I wanted to plan my wedding. I also had this project on the backburner, with this business site, that I wanted to wait to start until I retired from WWE. When I made the decision, rather quickly, to leave the WWE, I went full throttle into making my business work, while also planning a wedding.

There are a lot of peaks and valleys, and once I lost the title, I was back in the background, which was fine, we all have our turns. But there was other things brewing. I had recently gotten engaged, and there were other things I wanted to pursue. So it was all these things happening at once, not being in a storyline at the time, and not being able to spend time with my fiance, and feeling like I had more to offer. So it all came to a head in January.

I might have stayed a little bit longer, possibly [had there been more focus on the Divas at the time of leaving]. I just reached the point where I had done a lot of cool stuff in the WWE and traveled the world and I had the title, and I think I did some really great stuff. It wasn’t a super-hard decision to step back and leave. I can’t really go back and say I would’ve stayed longer. But it’s possible. I guess it depends on what was going on at the time, especially if there were more opportunities for more storylines like there are now. But I guess Kaitlyn Elimination Chamber WWEwhat I’m saying is that I don’t regret leaving, because I love my life. I love everything that I have going on right now.

I don’t think I will ever wrestle again, but if I do, it would be for WWE. I just feel like that’s my place. It’s where I developed my wrestling abilities and character and that’s where I would stay if I was to wrestle again. The good thing about when I left is that I left on very good terms with the WWE. It left the door open for me if I ever wanted to come back.

It’s encouraging to know that she is happy with her life at the moment, and that her Celestial Bodiez business is going well – however, there must be a little bit of regret or speculation about what her wrestling career would have been like had she stuck with it for a little longer. At the time, her decision was totally sound, and you never know what the future may hold – but she could have been storming the Divas ranks right now.

So what do you think – did Kaitlyn make the right move by leaving in January, or do you think she made a mistake and should have stuck around? Let us know in the comments.


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