Fierce Females – Mad Maxine results

Fierce Females Mad Maxine banner

Following two smaller “setup” shows dubbed Coming of Age and Return of the Queen of Hardcore, Fierce Females presents its first major card since last September, and the first since its separation from Insane Championship Wrestling. Heading up the card is Scottish Champion Kay Lee Ray defending the title against Nikki Storm in a match which has happened nowhere near as many times as you would imagine, so it’s a special occasion for the fans in attendance in Glasgow.

Elsewhere, scores will be settled between Leah & Kasey Owens and the team of Sara & Carmel Jacob as they square off in a Tag Team Elimination Last Woman Standing Match, and four women from Bellatrix cross the border from England to face off against Scotland’s top talent. Sammi Baynz takes on Viper, Liberty battles Sammii Jayne, Penelope has her hands full with Debbie Sharpe and Saraya Knight steps into the ring against Bete Noire.

Chris Kelly from A Wee Bit About is in attendance and is allowing us to repost his results here, so jump over to his website and check it out as a thanks – plus, we’re also being provided further details from Ben Ward and Wrestle Ropes.

1. Saraya Knight made Bete Noire tap out to the Bridal Rocking Horse.
2. Debbie Sharpe pinned Penelope with a modified neck breaker and by grabbing a handful of tights.
3. Sammii Jayne beat Liberty with a springboard Ace Crusher.
Tag Team Elimination Last Woman Standing Match
4. Leah & Kasey Owens defeated Sara & Carmel Jacob
– Sara she was eliminated first when she couldn’t answer the 10 count. Carmel had abandoned Sara, leaving her to be double-teamed by the Owens
– Carmel offered to lie down for the Owens but they refused, putting her down for the count of 10.
5. Viper pinned Sammi Baynz with a Michinoku Driver. Baynz shook Viper’s hand after the match and Saraya Knight was not happy about it. Sammi and Saraya then attacked Viper before leaving.
6. Fiona Fraser made Courtney tap out to an armbar.
Fierce Females Scottish Championship
7. Kay Lee Ray (c) v Nikki Storm went to a no-contest, meaning the champion retains the title. Sara and Carmel Jacob came out to attack Storm, while KLR turned heel by hitting the referee and then bad-mouthing the fans, turning Storm babyface in the process.


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