WOW Podcast #71 with Mia Yim

WOW Mia Yim

Episode 71 with Mia Yim

“You guys should have Mia Yim on your Podcast” is something we’ve heard for what seems like years. Well, we finally got around to asking her – and we’re pretty confident that you’ll find it was worth the wait. A monster of an interview, clocking in at over 100 minutes, touching on pretty much every aspect of her career to date from her initial training and inspirations to get involved in the business right up to her challenge this weekend for Barbi Hayden‘s NWA World Women’s Championship at Inspire Pro Wrestling in Texas. Subjects up for discussion include… Mia’s history of being bullied at school and how pro-wrestling helped her self confidence – and how her own debut match in 2009 inspired someone else to completely turn their life around, her training in Virginia, followed by joining both the ROH and CZW training schools, her gear, feuding with Greg Excellent in CZW – leading to the big TLC blow-off (and generally about just how underrated Greg Excellent really is). We touch on DJ Hyde and the mini controversy over his “BJ Club” comments at WSU a couple of weekends ago. We discuss the most influential voice in Mia’s early years, getting to go to Japan really early in her career (and being considered one of the “big” girls in Japan), wrestling Manami Toyota, and which Joshi stars she feels she works best with. We talk her knee injury earlier this year and how it played into her SHIMMER weekend in April, and how she changed her style to compensate. We discuss adjusting her style in general, working smarter in the ring and the major part Mercedes Martinez has to play in mentoring that. Obviously the Lucha Sisters and her time in SHINE is up for much happy discussion, including Leva‘s cosplay ideas and how they felt winning the first ever SHINE Tag Titles. We talk Mia’s infamous feud with Allysin Kay in AIW, from the nose-breakery to the crazy steel cage match, working in TNA for two consecutive Knockouts Knockdown PPVs, and Mia’s wacky road trip story involves one Robert Evans! Enjoy!

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