AIW: Battle of the Sexes results – Veda gets bloody retribution in the steel cage

Veda Scott at AIW Battle of the Sexes, by Dave MuscarellaLast night, Cleveland’s Absolute Intense Wrestling presented their “Battle of the Sexes” special show from their traditional home base of Turner’s Hall. The full nine match card were all singles intergender bouts, headlined by the steel cage bout between Veda Scott and Gregory Iron – a match which appears to have delivered on all of the hype with a major blow-off to the long-running feud.

The Battle of the Sexes show was the evening part of a double header for AIW, who also presented a card entitled “All In” during the afternoon. In Ringbelles-related results from that show, the AIW Women’s Champion Athena successfully defended her championship against Heidi Lovelace, while Seleziya Sparx pinned Alexia Nicole with a gorilla press lift into a stunner. Alexia Nicole ended up being added to the BotS show as a replacement for the previously announced Kimber Lee.

All results are supplied by great man Dave Muscarella.

1. Bobby Beverly pinned Angel Dust after hitting the Sister Abigail.
2. Hania pinned Colin Delaney following a top rope moonsault
3. Davey Vega (AIW Absolute Champion) pinned Jasmin after driving his knees into Jasmin’s back. (non title)
4. Jenny Rose pinned Tyson Dux after she countered a Sliding D into a backslide.
5. Rickey Shane Page pinned Alexia Nicole after a Roaring Elbow.
6. Seleziya Sparx pinned Eddie Kingston after hitting a powerbomb off the top rope. After the match, The Duke and Kingston attack Sparx, who was saved by “All Ego” Ethan Page.
7. BJ Whitmer pinned Heidi Lovelace with an T-Bone Suplex. Whitmer attempted to continue to beat on Lovelace, but the Jollyville Fuck-Its made the save.
8. Athena pinned Louis Lyndon following the O-Face.
9. Steel Cage: Veda Scott pinned Gregory Iron to win after hitting a splash from a table atop the cage onto. Iron who was on a table inside the cage. There were chairs and thumbtacks involved in the match, which saw both Iron and Scott bleed. Scott entered the ring and fought the match with a wedding dress variation of her usual gear.

The women won the “Battle of the Sexes” 5-4!

– Front page photo by Absolute Intense Wrestling


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