In Video: Kc Spinelli downs Leah Von Dutch

Leah Von Dutch Kc Spinelli TabercilJust because someone isn’t wrestling in the higher-profile promotions, it doesn’t mean that they aren’t plugging away elsewhere. That’s exactly the situation with former Elite Canadian Championship Wrestling Women’s Champion Kc Spinelli. Since her last appearance in SHIMMER two years ago, she has been working in the British Columbia area, lacing up her boots for promotions like Vancouver Island Pro Wrestling, All-Star Wrestling and Big West Wrestling – and now she’s turning her attention to Ontario.

Spinelli has been working for Acclaim Pro Wrestling – where she was unsuccessful in her challenge for Courtney Rush‘s Women’s Championship – and has also been competing in the Pure Wrestling Association, and was granted a shot at the Elite Women’s Title, held by Leah Von Dutch.

We’ve already reported that Spinelli won the match and the title, but now you can see how it happened. It’s good to see Kc notching up more accomplishments, she’s really great – and Von Dutch plays the annoying heel role really well to help Spinelli accomplish as a babyface.

– Photos by Tabercil


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