Hikaru Shida is 2014 Catch the WAVE, Mayu Iwatani Is Crowned Champion & New WAVE Tag Team Champions

Hikaru Shida WAVE 2014 Yesterday, Hikaru Shida defeated Misaki Ohata in the finals of the round-robin tournament with the Three Count of Soul at twelve-minutes and twenty-three seconds to become the 2014 Catch the WAVE league champion. Pro Wrestling WAVE’s annual tournament kicked off back on May 5th at the Korakuen Hall to seven hundred-fifty in attendance. This year’s tournament involved the traditional two blocks that divided competitors based on their age. Shida, Misaki Ohata, Sawako Shimono, Mio Shirai, Mika Iida, Hiroyo Matsumoto and Moeka Haruchi would be competing in the “Tsuyayaka”(Glossy) block for competitors within their twenties. While Tomoka Nakagawa, Yuu Yamagata, Tsukasa Fujimoto, Yumi Ohka, Shu Shibutani, Sakura Hirota and Kyoko Kimura would be representing the “Adeyaka”(Elegant) block for competitors in their thirties.

On day one of the tournament, Shida scored two points following a win over Mio Shirai. By June 22nd, Shida had gathered ten points in total. With wins over Hiroyo Matsumoto, Moeka Haruchi, Sawako Shimono and two separate time limit draws against Mika Iida and Misaki Ohata, leading to the competitors collecting one point each, Shida sat at the top of the Tsuyayaka block and the league all together. On yesterday’s show, Ohata defeated Tsukasa Fujimoto in the quarterfinals and Yumi Ohka in the semi finals, as Shida bested Tomoka Nakagawa in her semi finals round. Defeating last year’s winner, Shida has officially became number one contender to Yumi Ohka’s Regina di WAVE Championship. Back on April 20th, Shida was granted a title shot upon her return from SHIMMER and was unsuccessful as Ohka picked up her seventh title defense following a Big Boot. This time around, Shida has the momentum ad could possibly put an end Ohka’s inaugural reign as champion(currently at 498-days and counting) and win her first championship as a freelancer.

The final standings of the tournament are as follows:


Hikaru Shida [10]

Hiroyo Matsumoto [9]

Misaki Ohata [8]

Mika Iida [6]

Mio Shirai [5]

Moeka Haruchi [3]

Sawako Shimono [1]

Kaho Kobayashi Adeyaka

Yumi Ohka [8]

Tsukasa Fujimoto [7]

Tomoka Nakagawa [7]

Kyoko Kimura [7]

Kyusei Sakura Hirota [6]

Shuu Shibutani [5]

Yuu Yamagata [2]

In addition, Pro Wrestling WAVE held it’s first Catch the Young WAVE tournament, as Kaho Kobayashi defeated Sumire Natsu and collected the prized $500, 000. The first annual tournament got off to a shaky start, as Shiori Akiba was forced to forfeit her final two matches due to suffering headaches and memory impairment. With Akiba out, the promotion announced that there would be a single-elimination tournament between the four remaining competitors in Kobayashi, Natsu, Risa Sera and Fairy Nipponbashi. Kobayashi bested Sera and Natsu defeated Nipponbashi, as all four competitors finished with six points a piece. Rina Yamashita finished with five points and Akiba with just one point.

The WAVE Tag Team Championship changed hands on the show as Yuko Miyamoto and Isami Kodaka defeated Ayako Hamada and Yuu Yamagata (Las Aventureras), becoming the first male competitors to have held the titles. A midst the bit of controversy that was around the title change at United, Hamada and Yamagata became the longest reigning champions at 270-days. Furthermore, Kodaka and Miyamoto already have challengers for their titles, as Sakura Hirota and Mika Iida defeated Mio Shirai and Kyoko Kimura and Cherry and Shu Shibutani in a three-way match to become the next contenders.

Mayu IwataniA new Wonder of STARDOM Champion was crowned at the Sports Center in Nagoya, Japan as Mayu Iwatani defeated Miho Wakizawa. Back in June, the title was officially declared vacant in part to then current champion, Act Yasukawa’s ongoing battle with Grave’s Disease. Due to complications with her disease, Act Yasukawa was hospitalized throughout the month of April, forcing her upcoming title match against Yoshiko at the promotion’s April 20th show at Shin-Kiba 1st RING to be scrapped with her taking on Nanae Takahashi instead. Yasukawa opted to work her final match on June 1st as part of an eight-woman tag team match before taking an indefinite hiatus from competition, leaving the championship’s future in question.

World Wonder Ring STARDOM announced that there would be a four-woman tournament scheduled for yesterday’s show, pitting Iwatani against Kairi Hojo and Wakizawa up against Takumi Iroha. The two finalists went over their opponents respectively and went on to face each other in the decision match, with Iwatani getting the Mahika de Mayu on Wakizawa for the win. Like the current World of STARDOM Champion and High Speed Champion Io Shirai, Iwatani is too a double champion as she is one-third of the Artist of STARDOM Champions with Wakizawa and Hiroyo Matsumoto (“Tawashis”) and now holds the promotion’s second tier title.

Photographs courtesy of STARDOM, Pro Wrestling WAVE

Information courtesy of STARDOM, Pro Wrestling WAVE


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