Inspire Pro: No Turning Back – Barbi Hayden still NWA World Women’s Champion

Barbi Hayden vs Mia Yim at Inspire Pro by Michael K Dupin

Last night in Austin TX, Inspire Pro Wrestling presented its second “XX Division” themed show, mixing both male and female matches in a roughly 50/50 split. It was, of course, headlined by the NWA World Women’s Championship match between the Champion Barbi Hayden and the challenger Mia Yim – and it’s definitely a match that has caught our imagination here at Ringbelles. You can listen to Mia’s appearance on the Women of Wrestling Podcast this week where she talks about that opportunity.

So far, only bare bones results are available via Inspire Pro Wrestling’s facebook.

1. Six Man Elimination: ‘Jiggle-O’ James Johnson beat VOID, Erik Ortiz, The Great Depression, “Mad Dog” Ken Johnson & Kyle Hawk
2. Athena defeated Kat Green
3. The Hollywood Knives (Stevo Reno & Bradley Axel Dawson) beat Steele Money Industries (Kenny Steele & Payday)
4. Delilah Doom beat Solo Darling
5. Keith Lee defeated Matt Riot
6. Gabe Roach beat Thomas Shire
7. Inspire Pro XX Division Championship Semi-Final: Jessica James beat Miss Diss Lexia & KC Warfield
8. Inspire Pro J-Crown: Sammy Guevara defeated Erik Shadows
9. “Centerfold” Matthew Palmer beat “The Texas Lion” Houston Carson
10. Leva Bates defeated Paige Turner
11. NWA World Women’s Championship: Barbi Hayden (c) beat Mia Yim

We also know that Rachel Summerlyn said goodbye to wrestling on this show too. Inspire Pro have promised more detailed show results in the coming days, but if you were at the show and want to expand on any of the results here, give any opinions on what you enjoyed or didn’t, please feel free to use our comments section below.

Main photo by Michael K Dupin on twitter


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