In Video: First Blood – D’Arcy Dixon v Mickie Knuckles

D'Arcy Dixon Mickie KnucklesWe talked about blood in women’s wrestling in Tuesday’s Roundup following a weekend of colour where Candice LeRae, Veda Scott and Nadia Sapphire all bled – though the latter was by accident – and we thought we should post a video on the subject where the whole purpose of the match was to make your opponent bleed.

Mickie Knuckles had challenged D’Arcy Dixon for the RESISTANCE Pro Women’s Championship once before – though their match on July 26, 2013 saw Dixon retain her belt with a big powerbomb. Feigning friendship, Knuckles requested a rematch under First Blood rules, which is a match that would be right up the challenger’s alley, and would prove to be uncomfortable for the titleholder.

The entire match from April is below, and there is a pretty inventive ending to the contest. See what happens, and feel free to leave a comment as to your feelings on blood in women’s wrestling.


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