SHINE Championship match announced for August 22

BOF IvelisseThey went to a one-hour draw in their battle for the SHINE Championship on a sweaty June evening as part of SHINE 20, and the stage is set for a colossal rematch between titleholder Ivelisse Velez and challenger Serena Deeb. Considering their outing last time – which we loved – we are thoroughly excited to see the pair go at it once against as part of the main event of SHINE 21 on August 22… wait – that match isn’t happening?!

That’s right, instead of following up with a Velez/Deeb rematch there has had to be some rejigging after VP Lexie Fyfe revealed that Serena is out with an undisclosed injury. As Fyfe revealed in the video, there will still be a SHINE Championship match and the challenger will be determined on the same evening as part of a 4-way involving Amazing Kong, Leah Von Dutch, Nevaeh and Deeb’s Valkyrie cohort Su Yung. While Yung and Kong have win-loss records which would justify them being eligible to become the number one contender, Von Dutch and Nevaeh aren’t sporting the best victory ratio in SHINE history – for example, LVD has just one win in the promotion.

The other possible issue is the same one which we had with the similar situation which took place involving the Tag Team Championship at SHINE 20 – in that the babyface champion goes into a title defence with a distinct advantage over her challenger who has already wrestled one match. It makes it difficult for a baby face to command sympathy when they are clearly fresher than their opponent. Admittedly the underdog challengers came through in June to win the doubles straps, but it didn’t make the fallen champions look very formidable.

Speaking of which, both parties involved in the Tag Team Title situation on the last show meet again at SHINE 21, with new champions Legendary (Brandi Wine and Malia Hosaka) defending the belts against former holders the Lucha Sisters (Mia Yim & Leva Bates).

Elsewhere, Jessicka Havok is booked for the show and her rival Allysin Kay is billed alongside Made In Sin partner Taylor Made, so it makes you wonder if there will be a continuance to their feud. Considering what else could be going on with Havok in the near future, it may be time to wrap things up. Thunderkitty will also make her debut, and the Kimber Bombs have been announced for the show after Cherry Bomb missed the last one due to travel issues, inadvertently turning her tag team partner Kimber Lee babyface.


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