Dixie Carter goes through a table

Dixie table TNATNA has spent the last week promoting the #ItHappens hashtag as part of the build up to last night’s episode of Impact Wrestling – so much so that the promotion outright spoiled the conclusion of the show by teasing it on last week’s programme in order to get the maximum number of viewers.

Dixie Carter has been working as an on-screen heel since last September, initially confronting AJ Styles, helping Magnus win the TNA World Heavyweight Championship and forming her Dixieland stable with Rockstar Spud and her storyline nephew Ethan Carter III. She tried to recruit Bully Ray, who accepted her money to be “insurance” for Carter’s team against Montel Vontavious Porter‘s team at Lockdown in March of this year before double-crossing her to side with the babyfaces, leading to Dixie directing her ire towards Bully. In return, he vowed to put her through a table but was outfoxed at every opportunity, with Carter escaping the jaws of the lion… until the Impact tapings on June 27.

It was on that night in New York City that Dixie was caught by Bully Ray and driven through the timber, culminating a four month on-screen chase – and while footage from the audience found its way online very soon afterward, the official footage from the show was broadcast last night which you can watch the footage below along with the post-match celebration which was not broadcast. Carter was taken away in a neck brace and on a stretcher – which according to Dixie was more life than art.

The TNA President appeared on Ring Rust Radio earlier this week to discuss the incident:

It hurt like hell. I have such mad respect for these men and women and what they do every time. I sit there as they come backstage and they’re warriors… People are like, “Is that table fake?” No, this stuff hurts, it hurts like hell. To be able to do what they do, it was just a small way of me paying respect for what they do for me personally and to our company and for the fans. So, it did hurt, you’ll just have to watch and see what really does happen and then maybe I’ll tell you how serious it was, but yes, I was injured.

Dixie Carter TNATo be frank, it’s not a surprise that she was hurt on the table bump. While Bully Ray clearly did everything in his power to make sure that Dixie wasn’t hurt, it’s not an exact science and was still a fall from around eight feet in the air through a table – and this was happening to a 49-year old businesswoman who has never taken a bump in her entire life. Her fall saw her upper back, shoulders and head collide with the edge of the table. She also had to lie in the ring for around five minutes as the celebrations took place before medical help arrived.

The angle is said to have taken place to write Carter off TV following her year long heel run which some have compared to Stephanie McMahon‘s work in WWE. While McMahon has been miles better, Dixie should be given some credit for throwing herself into an environment which she was in up to her neck, at least. She may not be the best actor or promo but she generated enough heat to cause the New York audience at this taping of Impact to erupt when she took her table bump. For her sake, it’s hopefully the only bump she will ever have to take in a wrestling ring.

So what do you think about Dixie’s heel run, as well as her being driven through a table to the joy of wrestling fans? Let us know in the comments below.

– Photos by TNA


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