This Weekend: Femmes Fatales XV features all-star title four way

This weekend, NCW:Femmes Fatales returns to action with ‘Femmes Fatales XV’, the second FF show in a row to feature a fatal four way for the NCW:FF International Championship – but while Femmes Fatales XIV back in April saw three unheralded ‘first time challengers’ take a tilt at Mercedes Martinez‘ championship belt underneath a main event of Cheerleader Melissa vs Courtney Rush, this time the championship is back front and centre with a four way between Mercedes Martinez, Cheerleader Melissa, Courtney Rush and local favourite LuFisto.

4 Way Main

This one is very much likely to be the best match on the show – the sheer density of talent in one place would suggest that it’s a match that will be very difficult to see go wrong – and with the four way at Femmes Fatales XIV establishing that this match will also be completed under elimination rules, we’re looking at seeing three of the four competitors in the match being defeated/eliminated before we can declare a winner. Certainly, it’s been pretty much impossible to even slide a cigarette paper between Courtney Rush and Cheerleader Melissa in Montreal of late, with the two going to a Double DQ at Femmes Fatales XII and then drawing 1-1 in a 30-minute iron woman match at FFXIV. In fact, the draw result last time out was ensured by Champion Mercedes Martinez, but rather than eliminate them both from contention, they both ended up getting this shot, along with LuFisto, who was also involved in the post match brawl.

Underneath the main event, there’s a six woman match for an “open contract”, which will give the winner an opportunity to book a match against any opponent or with any stipulation.


The six competitors – Portia Perez, Angie Skye, Diana Hall, Veda Scott, Mistress Belmont and Xandra Bale – will draw numbers between 1 and 6, with numbers 1 & 2 starting in the ring. Once a decision takes place, the wrestler who drew number 3 will enter, with a one on one format continuing until everybody but one has been eliminated. The last remaining competitor will receive the right to the match of her dreams – or at least that’s our understanding of the match. NCW:FF management have promised the possibilities of some twists too. So we’ll see… there are possible big rewards in this one, and with a six woman field with no obvious favourites, this one is definitely one to watch.

Next up is a match between two rising stars – Missy, who has stepped up massively on the last couple of Femmes Fatales shows and really begun to show herself as one of Quebec’s more talented youngsters, will get a great opportunity to be in the ring with (and possibly defeat) Kimber Lee!


After two really solid performances in the singles ranks (a loss to Sassy Stephie at Femmes Fatales XII and a win over Niya Barela at Femmes Fatales XIII), Missy was entered into the championship four way at the last show, and although she came up short, it was not by much – as she outlasted both Angie Skye and Leah Von Dutch en route to being last eliminated by Mercedes Martinez. As an opportunity to get back on winning ways, Kimber Lee is anything but an easy option – although it is worth noting that Kim is yet to manage a win in Femmes Fatales competition, losing to LuFisto at Femmes Fatales XII and in a tag match at Femmes Fatales XIII. This one has all the hallmarks of a show stealer.

Revenge is the order of the day in the next match, as Mademoiselle Rachelle has vowed that she will have her revenge against Vanessa Kraven. Rachelle won’t be stepping foot in the ring though (at least legally), as she has charged Sassy Stephie with defeating “The Mountain”


Vanessa Kraven was the mystery secret weapon for ‘Team Mary Lee Rose’ at Femmes Fatales XIV, assisting Mary Lee Rose and Pink Flash Kira to victory over Rachelle’s team of Stephie, Jody D’Milo and Anna Minoushka… even spearing Rachelle after the match. Embarrassed and hurt by this, Rachelle is using her most trusted deputy in her quest for revenge. Can Stephie get the job done or will Rachelle end up on the wrong end of Kraven again?

The last two matches feature returns to the promotion of Canadian talents who haven’t been around in some time, such as Kc Spinelli‘s return (for the first time since Femmes Fatales IX) against local hero Sweet Cherrie


… and making her first appearance since the inaugural Femmes Fatales show in 2009, the “Queen of Crazy” Addy Starr returns as part of a Quebec vs Ontario tag team match…


Ontarian Starr will team with fellow Ontario Top Team member Kaitlin Diemond to take on the popular Quebec duo of Mary Lee Rose and Pink Flash Kira.

To be part of the show, you want to be able to get yourself to the Centre LGH in Montreal on Saturday evening. Doors open at 18:30 for VIP ticket holders and 19:00 for general admission with the first bell scheduled for 19:45. The Centre LGH is at 10015 Avenue des Bruxelles, Montreal, H1H 4R1. Tickets are available at the door or by pre-order by sending $27 for VIP or $17 for regular via paypal to If you can’t be there in person, we’ll have live results on the site this Saturday night.


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