Former NXT Diva considering suing WWE?

Anya anyarussianbruiserAnna Bogomazova was in WWE‘s developmental system for less than a year before being released. She was released in May last year along with fellow rookie talent Audrey Marie as part of a number of cuts. The 6’1″ Russian had a black belt in taekwondo black belt and had kickboxing experience, and also had a good grasp on English, so her addition to the developmental roster was seen as a positive experience. As it turned out, she was let go without being given a real shot – and while injured, to boot.

As you can see from the photo, Bogomazova – who competed under the name of Anyasuffered a broken arm during training in April which required a metal plate being inserted and was let go from the company the following month while still convalescing. She was still suffering two months later – and now the 24-year old is considering legal action against WWE because of her injury and being released while still hurt.

According to a report sent to PWInsider, Bogomazova appeared on Life News with her lawyer to talk about her career where she apparently said “In history of WWE they never fired injured wrestlers. Usually WWE gave a second chance after injury. Even if you had a injury you continue to work there”. She also reportedly said that she is looking to receive compensation from WWE for her injury as well as damages, and they are willing to go to court if talks which are taking place do not end satisfactorily for her. Her former coach also alleged that her injury was not an accident and that she was deliberately hurt because someone was upset that a Russian was taking up a spot in developmental that an American could have received.

Firstly, it would be nigh on impossible to prove the coach’s claim and it would be amazingly hard to substantiate, considering the wealth of international wrestlers at the Performance Center at the moment. Secondly, Bogomazova is not the first wrestler to have been released while injured, as the late Andrew “Test” Martin was let go while recovering from spinal surgery – so while it’s very uncommon, it has happened. Granted, it’s not the best action from an ethical standpoint as the injured party can hardly wrestle until they are fully fit again, but it can happen. Incidentally, to challenge WWE for compensation would probably mean the testing of the “independent contractor” deal as well as questioning the quality of her health insurance, assuming that she had some. One would also question why she took so long to bring up the matter as well as why she kept publicly supporting WWE on her Twitter after her release, plus taking legal action would likely nullify any chance of returning to the company.

Should she take the matter to court, Bogomazova may have an uphill struggle against her, but it could provide a legal precedent if she is successful.

Photos by WWE (front page), Anya (1)


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