Melanie Cruise is heading to Japan

Melanie Cruise Ichiban DrunkMelanie Cruise has been making huge strides over the last 18 months, and that isn’t a pun because of her lofty 6 foot tall frame. It was around a year ago that we interviewed the Chicago, IL native about how she seemed to have gotten to grips with working as a taller wrestler – as she admitted that she regularly faces men who are the same size or larger as her so when she faces women she had difficulty adjusting to being the bigger competitor – and she has also harnessed the ability to work comedy as well as being the tough bruiser.

Take the April SHIMMER tapings, for instance. On the first day, the 27-year old worked a 3-way with Nikki Storm and Kay Lee Ray where she played the straight act for Nikki’s antics in a contest which was described by us as “immense fun”. Cruise worked against Yumi Ohka the next day and she demonstrated that she has a knack of working with hard-hitting joshis, demonstrated in the past with her contests against Hiroyo Matsumoto and Ayako Hamada. So impressed were we at Cruise’s development that we picked her out as being a good candidate for a female roster for the impending Global Force Wrestling, and it seems that she has impressed others too.

Last week, Pro Wrestling WAVE booker GAMI announced that a “tall gaijin” would be part of the promotion’s 7th anniversary show on August 24. Yesterday it was revealed that said wrestler would be Melanie Cruise, who must have ticked the right boxes in her match against Ohka in April. It was also confirmed to us by Cruise that she will be staying in Japan for three months, so that will likely mean that she will factor into quite a lot of WAVE’s shows – and they run quite a lot, so she may be receiving some considerable ring time. Cruise may work the roster in the same way that Alpha Female did for WAVE’s rivals Stardom, considering they are the same height, though Cruise is leaner and more agile while Alpha is more muscular.

This trip also means that Melanie will not be part of the SHIMMER tapings this October, though her experience level will likely have received a considerable boost should she return for the spring 2015 shows.

– Photo by Ichiban Drunk


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