SHINE 21 live results – Havok’s Last Stand

SHINE 21 front pageSHINE returns from a summer hiatus with what’s being billed as Jessicka Havok‘s final appearance in the promotion. She faces Allysin Kay in the final match in their feud which has been running since last October and has yet to establish a clear victor. They will compete in a Dog Collar Match where all members of Valkyrie will be banned from ringside.

Elsewhere on the SHINE 21 card from the Orpheum in Ybor City, FL, another Valkyrie name will compete for a shot at the SHINE Championship. Su Yung takes on Nevaeh, Leah Von Dutch and Amazing Kong in a 4-way with the winner facing titleholder Ivelisse Velez later in the broadcast.

Tag Team Champions Legendary are also in action as they defend the straps against former titleholders the Lucha Sisters, and Jessie Belle Smothers makes what is thought to be her final SHINE appearance before her retirement later this year. Here, she teams with SNS Express partner Sassy Stephie against the Kimber Bombs – and there’s another tag team contest as the Buddy System battles the BTY tandem of Marti Belle & Jayme Jameson.

There’s still time for you to order tonight’s iPPV at, though we will bring you the results as they happen below. Just keep hitting refresh for the updates.

-. SHINE Wrestling “Boss Lady” Lexie Fyfe oversaw a presentation to Rain where she was awarded a replica of the SHINE Championship belt.
1. Nevaeh beat Leah Von Dutch, Amazing Kong & Su Yung in a Four Corner Survival Match when she pinned Von Dutch with a Death Valley Driver. She will get a shot at SHINE Champion Ivelisse later in the show.
-. So Cal Val was seen at ringside during the matches, apparently scouting.
2. Heidi Lovelace & Solo Darling beat Jayme Jameson & Amanda Rodriguez (subbing for Marti Belle) when Lovelace pinned Rodriguez after The Buddy System hit their double team “You’ve Got a Friend In Me” (Double Snapmare Driver)
3. Thunderkitty defeated Justine Silver via sleeperhold.
4. Kimber Lee & Cherry Bomb beat Jessie Belle Smothers & Sassy Stephie when Kimber pinned Jessie Belle following a Swanton Bomb.
5. Taylor Made pinned La Rosa Negra after using brass knuckles passed to her by April Hunter.
6. SHINE Tag Team Championship: Malia Hosaka & Brandi Wine (c) beat Leva Bates & Mia Yim when Hosaka pinned Bates. Prior to the pinfall, Thunderkitty laid out Bates with a shot with the Tag Championship Belt.
-. Post match, Legendary, Leilani Kai and Thunderkitty continued the beatdown on The Lucha Sisters until The Kimber Bombs made the save. The Kimber Bombs were also beaten down, leaving the heels standing tall at the end.
7. SHINE Championship: Ivelisse Velez (c) pinned Nevaeh after the Code Red.
8. Dog Collar Match: Jessicka Havok pinned Allysin Kay following an Air Raid Crash from the second rope through a table.

SHINE 22 will be on October 10th.


1 Amanda Rodriguez Heidi Lovelace SHINE• On paper, SHINE 21 was one underwhelming card. With only the Dog Collar and Chain Match providing any real excitement because of its lengthy story to get to this point, it wasn’t helped by having no real title match and a lack of history behind most of the other contests. However, this did not stop some wrestlers from pulling out some stellar performances.

• The show didn’t start very well, considering it came to air a quarter of an hour late due to the inclement weather and then kicked off with an underwhelming 4-way match which plodded along. The highlight was Su Yung’s continued descent into utter delirium, while having three heels and one babyface – who worked sparingly in the match meant that there wasn’t much for the fans to get behind. A disappointment was Von Dutch, who wasn’t her usual dependable self for some reason, though everyone is entitled to an off-night. Nevaeh’s victory was a surprise, though we’ll touch on why that was the case later.

• The match also saw SoCal Val make the first of at least three appearances in the entranceway, assessing her opponents and making notes on her tablet. It felt like the 2014 version of Alexandra York.

• Marti Belle missed the show due to being involved in a car crash the previous day which wrote her car off. As a consequence, Jayme Jameson – who seems to have inexplicably turned heel since her last appearance in SHINE – brought out Amanda Rodriguez to team with her against the Buddy System. Solo Darling was her usual adorable self while Heidi Lovelace did her best to make sure that Solo retained focus, and also took a lot of the punishment during the match. Solo’s hot tag came to a weird halt when Jayme started jaw-jacking with her, which killed the flow of the comeback somewhat, but the faces got the win with their double-team Snapmare Driver, before indicating that they wanted a Tag Team Championship match. As a contest, it was fine, but nothing to get excited about.

• Thunderkitty and Justine Silver put on a decent old-school match which slowed down the pace with technical wrestling but also allowed the fans to react to the crowd work. TK got the win with her sleeperhold when Silver passed out, much to the delight of the audience, who had invested into her relatively quickly – which helped for what she did later on.

3. Jessie Belle Smothers Kimber Lee Sassy Stephie SHINE• Like the Buddy System, the Kimber Bombs – now babyfaces after Kimber Lee’s heroic actions on the last show where she went it alone in a 4-team match – also indicated that they wanted a crack at the doubles straps following their win over the SNS Express. This was probably the most entertaining match to this point with some nice tag team work which we have come to expect from both tandems. Smothers took the fall, which seems appropriate considering she was not going to be coming back due to her retirement.

• I don’t know what Taylor Made has been up to or what qualities La Rosa Negra has to bring the best out of her opponents, but this was a damn fine outing. Negra has been racking up some strong performances, and this was Taylor’s best singles match to date. With some great heel work on her part and some real aggression, something clicked for her and I hope it sticks around. In fact, I hope these two wrestle again considering the screwy finish.

• I’ve no idea what the deal was with the Tag Team Championship match. The Lucha Sisters beat up Malia Hosaka for the entire match and were set to win when Thunderkitty nailed Bates with one of the title belts to hand the victory to Legendary. Logically, the finish makes sense as TK is a supporter of all things old-school, and nothing in SHINE is more old-school than the current doubles champions. However, the match had no real heat because the faces were winning the whole time and never looked to be in trouble.

• The Kimber Bombs came in to make the save but got wiped out by the champions, TK and Leilani Kai, which made little sense on the face of it considering they wanted the belts and should have cleaned house – though they won’t be challenging at the next show as Kimber Lee will be in the UK with Combat Zone Wrestling when the SHINE 22 is due to take place.

6 Ivelisse Velez Nevaeh SHINE• While Nevaeh and Ivelisse Velez put on a really great match, the crowd weren’t into it. This may be because of Nevaeh’s history in the promotion, as she has never really been portrayed as being a title contender. Having said that, both women did all they could to make it a dramatic contest, as Nevaeh channeled Brock Lesnar by trying to take out the champion with her finisher in the first few seconds of the match. Velez kicked out of the Backpack Stunner and occasionally fought back, Ricky Steamboat-style, but the challenger kept the pressure on and grew more and more frustrated as she was unable to get the win.

• In the end, the referee got wiped out by some errant feet and Nevaeh appeared to have the win following a German Suplex. However by the time the ref came round, Velez had enough energy to kick out, creating the argument that if the official had been in position, we would have a new champion. Ivelisse snared the win soon after with a Code Red which looked more like a sunset flip to retain the belt in a really good match that deserved a better build-up and a better crowd reaction.

8 Jessicka Havok Allysin Kay SHINE• Fittingly, the final match between Allysin Kay and Jessicka Havok was the best of their feud, and they made full use of the Dog Collar stipulation by using leverage to yank each other into ring posts or to the floor, as well as utilising the chain to punish their opponent’s body. In the end it was a table which was a deciding factor as Havok delivered an Air Raid Crash to Kay from the second rope and through the timber to secure the decisive three-count.

• After saying her farewells to the fans the camera stayed with Jessicka as she was greeted by members of the roster backstage but saw her trapped outside of the building with Valkyrie attacking her. Yung delivered a mist and then locked in The Purge while Kay insulted her enemy before the faces manage to drive Valkyrie away.

• I have mixed feelings about the result of the main event. I’m sure that SHINE wanted to give Havok her moment in the sun and a happy ending as she bowed out as the winner of her feud, though in doing so the roster is left with the loser having to rebuild momentum. You could have avoided the post-match attack designed for Kay to get her heat back by just having her win in the first place and leaving the ring, allowing Havok to deliver her goodbye promo as planned. However, SHINE may be taking a gamble by assuming that Jessicka may not be gone for that long and if her future employers go belly up that she may be back in the new year. Should that happen, this programme may rumble on – though it seems a shame that the winner of the feud is still left laying, meaning that there is an argument that each has elicited a post-match revenge on her opponent on consecutive shows, considering that Allysin had her hair cut after winning the Last Woman Standing match at SHINE 20.

10 Jessicka Havok Allysin Kay SHINE• Overall, SHINE 21 had its moments. The main event was the Match of the Night but there wasn’t much on the undercard which plays into what else has been going on in the promotion. Thumbs up to Jessicka Havok, Allysin Kay, Nevaeh, Taylor Made, Ivelisse Velez and La Rosa Negra for their great work but it came on a show which ultimately didn’t matter very much.


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