Hikaru Shida wins the Regina di WAVE Championship

Hikaru Shida Youji KawauchiIt has been a hell of a month for Hikaru Shida. After winning Pro Wrestling WAVE‘s 2014 Catch The WAVE league at the end of July, she capitalised on her crack at the promotion’s top title by defeating Yumi Ohka at WAVE’s 7th Anniversary show at Shinjuku FACE in Tokyo, Japan to become the second Regina di WAVE Champion. The former Ice Ribbon ICEx60 titleholder secured the victory after 21 minutes with her Three Count running knee strike.

Leaving Ice Ribbon in April has paid very quick dividends for the 26-year old former actress. She went freelance after six years with the promotion, though had been spending increasing amounts of time accepting bookings with other groups such as the aforementioned WAVE as well as the likes of JWP, Sendai Girls, OZ Academy and SHIMMER. She is also working on producing shows under her own banner of Oshiri Ressha de Go! – or Go By Buttock Train in English, reflecting her increased focus of taking selfies of her rear and and writing messages on them when she comes out to wrestle – with the first show set to take place on Thursday.

Today’s Regina di WAVE title victory is the biggest of her career to date. Pegged early on in her career as the “Future Ace” of joshi, it took her a little while to ascend to the top of Ice Ribbon, winning the ICEx60 belt in at RibbonMania 2011 in December of that year, and main-evented Bull Nakano‘s farewell show the following month. Going it alone has worked out so far for Shida, and it seems that WAVE has a lot of confidence in their new champion.

– Photo by Youji Kawauchi


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