Bellatrix & WSU reveal September lineups. Big month for Allysin Kay?

allysin_kay_2014-Aug-18Today, both Europe’s Bellatrix Female Warriors and the USA’s Women Superstars Uncensored revealed details of their big September shows, and both feature the AK-47 of Professional Wrestling, Allysin Kay (right) in title contention for both groups biggest championships. At WSU Resurgence on September 13th, Kay will challenge LuFisto for the WSU World Championship, while at Bellatrix X two weekends later on September 28th, she will challenge Liberty for the Bellatrix World Championship. Both shows will emanate from each promotion’s traditional home venue – WSU on September 13th at the Flyers Skate Zone in Voorhees, New Jersey, and Bellatrix on September 28th from Epic Studios in Norwich, England.

Kay’s challenge for the Bellatrix World Championship (in her European debut, no less) is one half of a co-main event for Bellatrix alongside the third in the trilogy of bouts between RQW European Champion Sammi Baynz and Greek Daredevil Blue Nikita, with the two attempting to finally settle their championship dispute inside the hardcore builder’s cage. The “builder’s cage” stipulation is separate from what wrestling fans may initially understand as a “cage match”, and instead features an industrial style builder’s cage (as you’d find on a building site) set up around the ring, giving competitors a chance to walk around outside the ring but within the cage (like a Hell In The Cell). The builder’s cage has no top, but will feature weapons inside the cage. Following their double KO finish at Bellatrix IX, the hardcore builder’s cage should guarantee a decisive finish. Bellatrix also features Violet O’Hara defending her British Ladies Championship against Penelope, Queen of the Ring Lady Lory taking on Erin Angel, Miss Mina will battle Skarlett, Amy-Lee Krammer will take on the returning Shax, and Saraya Knight will be the test for talented young Chanel, in her biggest challenge to date.

At WSU Resurgence, the WSU Tag Team Championships which were the subject of a controversial title change at United in July will be the subject of a rematch, as the (male) tag team champions JT Dunn and David Starr (The Juicy Product) will put the titles on the line against the team they ambushed with an impromptu title match at United, Annie Social & Kimber Lee (better known as C.U.N.T. – “Chicks Using Nasty Tactics). That a male tag team could come in and win a set of women’s tag titles incensed a lot of WSU fans, so Annie & Kimber have a chance to put things right at the first possible opportunity. The Juicy Product will be “styled” for the match by Rick Cataldo, by the way, as per the direction of DJ Hyde. WSU also features a showcase opportunity for Athena vs Hania, who met at one of the WSU Secret Shows earlier in the year in a really promising bout, along with a tag match which will see Nevaeh & Brittany Blake team up to take on the team of Niya Barela & Jessie Kaye. This one spins out from United also, as the WSU Spirit Champion Barela laid out both Nevaeh & Blake after their match.

You can buy tickets for both WSU and Bellatrix online.


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