Undisputed IPW NZ Women’s Champion crowned

BritenayStability seems to have come to Impact Pro Wrestling‘s New Zealand Women’s Championship following today’s Rival Turf show in Auckland where the controversy over who was the rightful titleholder was cleared up.

The belt has had a turbulent existence, which has been well documented here at Ringbelles. Evie became the first titleholder in August 2012 though the title was made vacant after the company closed, despite it being off the scene for only a few months. When a new champion could not be decided, the title was handed to Emmy Driver, a woman with no wrestling experience. Evie began the hunt to regain the championship though it was made vacant after Driver fled the ring during their title match, with Evie claiming the belt for a second time in a 4-way last December and turning heel to join the Investment stable.

During her extended time away from New Zealand where she wrestled in Japan and the United States, IPW elected to crown an Interim Champion, with Britenay – who had turned babyface in the wake of Evie’s heel turn – snaring the title in the decider against Olivia Shaw. This irked the Team Kick member, who stole the physical belt upon her return to New Zealand in May, though Britenay nicked it back soon afterward, leaving us with a disputed title and a match set up in a Falls Count Anywhere contest to determine who would be the rightful titleholder.

In the end, it was Britenay who won the match and the Undisputed New Zealand Women’s Championship with a powerbomb into the wall of the Lynfield Recreation Centre before getting the pin with The Extreme Makeover.

When approached for comment, Britenay exclusively told Ringbelles:

No one knows you better than your greatest rival.

I had a great time being the Interim Champion & though the fans made me feel like a champion during that time, I wouldn’t feel like the Champion until I defeated my longest rival & the then Champion, Evie.

I’m looking forward to the challenges of being the IPW NZ Women’s Champion and the Challengers that come with defending the belt.

As mentioned in the opening line, this means the title should receive some stability. It isn’t had the easiest lineage since its inception two years ago this month, but hopefully things will settle down over the months to come.

UPDATE: Why not have a listen to the new champion talk about the match in her own words? Click here to jump to our Fight Like A Girl interview with Britenay!

– Photo by Britenay


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