Fierce Females: Strewth Sheila live results

Fierce Females Strewth SheilaFierce Females is racking up the cards this year after getting started later on in 2014 than most other all-women promotions. Its first card wasn’t until April but this is their fourth show of the year and their third in as many months. Last month’s Mad Maxine show was released in its entirety yesterday, and today we see the fallout from that event.

Strewth Sheila from the Walkabout bar in Glasgow, Scotland has a double main event featuring rivals Kay Lee Ray – fresh off a heel turn at the last show – and Nikki Storm – who turned babyface at the same time – picking each other’s opponents. Storm chose for KLR to take on the double-tough April Davids while the Scottish Champion has forced Nikki to find a partner to take on Kay Lee’s new cohorts and former enemies Carmel Jacob and Sara. In addition, Carmel will host the first episode of interview segment Carmel Corner with Kay Lee where the titleholder will explain her change of heart.

Elsewhere on the card we see a number of debuts, with Layla Rose, Lucy Cole, Lana Austin and Nixon Newell all making their first appearances, while Rhia O’Reilly makes her first Fierce Females showing of the year and Courtney & Fiona Fraser seek to find out who is the better woman, with both holding a victory over the other. You can see the results below, courtesy of Martin Alexander, and A Wee Bit About editor Chris Kelly, who are in attendance.

1. Rhia O’Reilly pinned Leah Owens with the Rhiajustment DDT
2. Layla Rose beat Lucy Cole with a fallaway slam
3. Viper defeated Lana Austin with the Michinoku Driver
– Carmel Jacob’s interview with Kay Lee Ray was interrupted by Nikki Storm, who came out and brawled with both women.
4. Sammii Jayne pinned Nixon Newell with a spinning neckbreaker
5. Carmel Jacob & Sara defeated Nikki Storm & Viper. Sara pinned Storm with a roll-up
– Nixon Newell originally agreed to be Storm’s partner but was talked out of it by Fiona Fraser.
6. Kasey Owens beat Bete Noire via referee stoppage. Owens had Noire in an armbar and Noire refused to give up, but the referee elected to end the match
– Debbie Sharpe interrupted Noire being removed from the ring with her own medical update, calling for everyone to pray for her.
7. Courtney v Fiona Fraser went to a double count out. The pair brawled after the bell
8. Fierce Females Scottish Championship: Kay Lee Ray (c) pinned April Davids with a roll-up following interference from Hardcore Glamour (Sara & Carmel)


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