Havok arrives in TNA

Havok Taryn Terrell Gail Kim TNAAfter more than a month of build-up, Jessicka Havok made her first appearance in TNA on last night’s episode of Impact Wrestling. Remanded as simply Havok, she hit the ring following the conclusion of Gail Kim’s Knockouts Title defence against Taryn Terrell, which saw Kim retain her championship when she rolled through Taryn’s crossbody attempt from the top rope.

Incidentally, the contest was a good one though could not really compare to their Last Knockout Standing Match at Slammiversary last year or their Ladder Match on Impact the following month, partly due to its brevity – though it had its moments, but Kim’s neck breaker to Terrell on the steps saw the challenger’s back fold over the edge of the stairs, which looked particularly risky.

Havok took to the ring and delivered an Air Raid Crash to Terrell – Kim fought back but was levelled with a chokeslam and then also took an Air Raid Crash for her trouble, while the newest addition to the Knockouts roster stood over her prone victims. She is being portrayed as the latest monster in the promotion, following in the footsteps of Awesome Kong, and more recently, Lei’D Tapa and Alpha Female.

TNA has put Havok on the fast-track to the top, considering she beat up both the champion and top contender in one fell swoop – and without giving you any spoilers, you can expect more arse-kickery over the next few weeks.

So is this the last we will see of Jessicka Havok on the indies for a while? Possibly not, as the latest Wrestling Observer claims that new contracts being signed by TNA talent don’t restrict appearances on things like DVD tapings in iPPVs, and only pertain to TV or PPV like WWE, Ring of Honor or the impending Lucha Underground and Global Force Wrestling. That could potentially explain why Havok is scheduled to appear at Women Superstars Uncensored‘s show a week on Saturday and could also mean that she could appear at SHINE in the future, regardless that the most recent event was subtitled Havok’s Last Stand.

Photos by TNA


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