In Video: International action in DOA’s Sirens division – Chanel vs Addy Starr

27 Addy Starr LCW RosesWe’re three weeks away from Bellatrix X in Norwich, so here’s a recently posted match featuring one of the rising stars of the promotion, Chanel. She made her debut on the first Bellatrix show back in March 2012, and she’s progressed solidly in the intervening 2 1/2 years, and one would imagine more and more opportunities are likely to open up for her going forward. She’s celebrating her 21st birthday this week, and just recently dipped her toes into the twittersphere (give her a follow). Her opponent is the All-American Canadian Addy Starr (right), who many readers should already be very well acquainted with. Currently UK-based, Starr has been receiving bookings for a number of different promotions around the UK, and in November she will be adding one more, making her debut for the returning Pro-Wrestling EVE in Colchester (an over 18s show which is being run as part of the XWA debut show at Liquid nightclub).

The venue for this match is the DOA promotion, based in Cambridgeshire – and was part of their March Mania show back in, you guessed it, March. The show took place, co-incidentally, in the town of March, Cambs. I kid you not.

Get your tickets for the upcoming Bellatrix (August 28th) and XWA (November 1st) shows. The Bellatrix link also features a link to buy tickets to an upcoming DOA vs WAW (Bellatrix’s brother promotion) show.


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