Ringbelles Retro: Fierce Females feuding pair… back in the day

Carmel Jacob Nikki Storm mrdavidjwilsonScotland is dominating news headlines at the moment, considering the country could vote to split from the rest of the United Kingdom in eight days. At the moment, the Yes and No campaigns are pretty even, but there’s one thing that everyone – Scots, English and the rest of the world – can agree on; there are some fantastic Scottish wrestlers.

Take Nikki Storm and Carmel Jacob, for example. As you can see from the photo to the right, they have spent time fighting for the same nefarious causes, while these days they are embroiled in a big feud in Fierce Females – and you can see what caused it by clicking here – but the pair have fought quite often in the past, including in this match which we bring to you right now.

When Storm and Jacob fought in this match for Scottish School of Wrestling back on December 11 in 2009, Nikki was into her second year of her career, while Jacob was into her fourth. The latter is already finding her Glamour Gym look with the furry boot covers while Storm’s character is already taking shape. However, you’ll notice some differences – for example, Nikki’s appearance is wildly different to how she looks now, while Carmel is wrestling as a babyface, which is a big departure from her regular antagonistic self.

Photo by David J Wilson


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