NXT Takeover 2: Charlotte sees off the challenge of Bayley

Charlotte vs Bayley NXT Takeover 2Moments ago on NXT‘s live “Takeover 2” special on the WWE Network, the promotion’s developmental golden girl Charlotte successfully defended her NXT Women’s Championship against former indy standout Bayley, continuing the title reign which started at the last NXT Takeover event in May. The match lasted around eleven minutes, and finished following a hot series of big moves and near falls, including Bayley hitting a top rope rana, and Charlotte hitting her big match moonsault. As Bayley shot the champion one last defiant look, Charlotte used the Natural Selection rollover cutter (formerly known as ‘Bow Down To The Queen’) to get the win. Charlotte, who dominated much of the match until the final few minutes, looked supremely confident and assured in the match. She completely gets it.

In keeping with the strong tradition of women’s matches on these NXT Live Specials, and following in the footsteps of Paige vs Emma (at Arrival) and Charlotte vs Natalya (at Takeover), the match was given both time and respect, was well received by the fanbase (who all adored Bayley – and it’s easy to see why), and featured the commentary team putting over the competitors rather than talking about other things.

The result itself might be termed slightly surprising, as almost since the day she won the vacant championship from Natalya at Takeover in May, the talk has been of fast-tracking Charlotte to the main WWE roster, and some believed that this would’ve been the time to pass the belt to Bayley and start Charlotte’s transition to Monday Night Raw. It’s still possible that could happen, though it maybe seems more likely that they’ve decided not to bring up Charlotte quite yet – at least until they’ve got a good storyline for her.

Indeed, Charlotte has some unfinished business to take care of in NXT at any rate – as her erstwhile BFF partner Sasha Banks turned up post match to both verbally and physically accost Bayley (who beat Banks twice in succession in the buildup to this match). Charlotte, watching the big screen from the ramp, felt obliged to re-enter the ring and pull “The Boss” off the already beaten Bayley. The physicality between the two was minor, but obviously looks to set up a program between Charlotte and Sasha – or perhaps a three-way feud with Bayley still included.

Meanwhile, on the dark match before the NXT Takeover show started, current WWE Divas Champion Paige fought and defeated Becky Lynch via the RamPaige in a match, that, frankly, I think the world needs to see.


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