WSU Resurgence live results – LuFisto defends the World Title against Allysin Kay


Today could be the start of a big two weeks for Allysin Kay. She challenges LuFisto for the Women Superstars Uncensored World Championship as part of today’s Resurgence card taking place in Voorhees, NJ, then she heads over to the UK in a fortnight to take on Bellatrix World Champion Liberty in the main event of Bellatrix X. Kay hasn’t set foot in a WSU ring so far this year – she was meant to be at the Mutiny show in February but injury forced her out, and she and Sassy Stephie lost the Tag Team Titles when Stephie was given Jessicka Havok as a replacement partner, which didn’t work out for the best. You can see if she can win her first world title by ordering the iPPV today from

The aforementioned Tag Team Titles are also on the line as the Chicks Using Nasty Tactics attempt to regain the straps from the Juicy Product‘s JT Dunn and David Starr in a rematch following their unscheduled contest at United in July. Dunn and Starr came out to show Kimber Lee and Annie Sccial that equality works both ways by winning a title earmarked for women to add to their collection of tag team championships. We’ll see if C.U.N.T. can kick off a second reign this evening.

Elsewhere on the card, Athena and Hania square off in what should be a high-flying battle; Nevaeh & Brittany Blake face Spirit Champion Niya Barela & Jessie Kaye; Miss Diss Lexia makes her WSU debut against Cherry Bomb; Jenny Rose battles Marti Belle, and one Jessicka Havok’s attendance has been confirmed – though it’s unclear as to whether she is wrestling.

We will be watching the show and updating this report with results, and will have a review later – if you’re watching too, feel free to leave comments below on what you think of the show.

1. Jenny Rose pinned Marti Belle with an Oklahoma Roll.
2. Cherry Bomb defeated Miss Diss Lexia with the Best Superkick Ever.
3. Nevaeh & Brittany Blake beat Niya Barela & Jessie Kaye. Nevaeh pinned Kaye with a German Suplex. Kaye and Barela fought to the back.
– Sassy Stephie came out to say that she had no opponent because “making an Impact” is more important than wrestling at WSU, in reference to her ongoing feud with Jessicka Havok. Solo Darling came out to challenge Stephie, leading to…
4. Sassy Stephie defeated Solo Darling with the Kiss My Sass.
5. Athena pinned Hania following the O-Face.
6. WSU Tag Team Championship: The Juicy Product (JT Dunn & David Starr) (c) beat Chicks Using Nasty Tactics (Annie Social & Kimber Lee). Starr pinned Social following a spiked Tombstone Piledriver.
7. WSU World Championship: LuFisto (c) defeated Allysin Kay with the Burning Hammer. DJ Hyde and Sassy Stephie came out after the match to threaten LuFisto, telling her to stand by his side and support him – she refused, saying she would rather die on her feet than live on her knees. Hyde wiped LuFisto out with a chairshot, busting her open, then dismembered Pegaboo.


• First off, despite it being advertised, Jessicka Havok was not there. Worse still, there was no announcement of her not being in attendance at any point in the show so I was left in the final angle of the show expecting her to make an appearance which never came. WSU has since informed us that TNA pulled her from the show.

• Second, a word on the advertising. There was hardly any of it – so much so that I needed a reminder that the show was taking place, and a friend of mine who was aware that there was a WSU show coming up completely forgot about it. Combat Zone Wrestling may need to spend more time solely advertising to the women’s wrestling fans instead of grouping them together with the CZW faithful.

• Thirdly, the show itself was perilously short. Starting around 15 minutes late and incorporating a 15 minute interval, the event was all done at just over two hours. It feels pretty short for an iPPV which cost $15.

1 Marti Belle Jenny Rose WSU• So, to the matches. Unfortunately, the undercard felt pretty weak – not because of the talent involved but because there was precious little build up for any of the contests. That lack of hype for them meant that they felt somewhat inconsequential. Take Jenny Rose v Marti Belle for instance – what was actually a tale of Rose coming off the back of the biggest win of her career over Mima Shimoda at United was barely toughed upon before showtime. As for the match, I enjoyed it. There was some really nice mat wrestling to start which didn’t feel like them going through some pre-arranged counters, but like they were struggling to exchange and battle. Belle looked the best that I’ve seen her in a while and Rose’s ascension up the WSU ranks continued with the pinfall win in what was a tidy outing for the American Joshi.

• This was my first experience of Miss Diss Lexia, and I was surprised at how little character was displayed for someone who has such a gimmicky name. She had the perfect foil to work with in Cherry Bomb – who was so excited in her entrance as she received the streamer treatment, saying “this must mean I’m good, right?!” – but she just came across as a white meat babyface. It probably didn’t help that the match wasn’t up to much, and the BSE finish was actually a kick to Lexia’s midsection. Not the best iPPV debut for Miss Diss.

2 Niya Barela Brittany Blake WSU• Brittany Blake is a CZW trainee, so this match did the best it could to show what she could do. With a look like former WSU Tag Team Champion Miss April (AKA AJ Lee) she is a slip of a thing who was able to execute her flying moves on larger opponents Jessie Kaye and Niya Barela, and did well selling the prolonged beating before the hot tag. While Kaye is doing her best to develop a look, it’s still a work in progress – while Barela’s heel mannerisms have really come along. It looks as if Niya is heading towards a Spirit Title defence with Nevaeh, who got the pin on Jessie after the champion avoided being the one taking the fall. The fight between the heels probably wasn’t worth it.

• Sassy Stephie and Mademoiselle Rachelle came to the ring with something to say, and was seemingly another pot-shot at Havok, who Stephie may have been scheduled to wrestle, though we’ll never know for sure. Declaring that she was without an opponent, out came Solo Darling to make her sugar-induced WSU debut. As fun as always, Solo was a sweetheart and Stephie did well to make sure she was as disliked as possible. Stephie’s Kiss My Sass victory was the fourth match in a row without any real impetus for it to happen, which took us to an intermission.

3 Hania Athena WSU• Match quality took an upswing after the break with Athena against Hania, but I disagree with the numerous people who declared this the Match of the Night. While it was a well-executed aerial contest, it had no real story to it and just felt like some very well thought out spots rather than being a physical struggle. That’s not to say that I didn’t enjoy it – I found it to be a really entertaining match with some neat high-flying, sweet suplexes and slick slams, but it didn’t have a tale being told. Also, I really don’t buy into Hania’s howling gimmick – it reminds me of the very first episode of Tough Enough where Taz criticises an applicant for howling during a promo and says that it isn’t credible. Plus, it’s too high-pitched to feel scary, and besides, shouldn’t a huntress be quiet and stalk their prey?

• That brings us onto my call for MOTN. We’ve enthused in the past about Kimber Lee’s skill at working intergender matches, and it was certainly on show here as she and Annie Social challenged JT Dunn and David Starr for the WSU Tag Team Championship. Dunn and Starr were forced into getting a makeover by Rick Cataldo before the match and came out in one-piece leotards and fluorescent tutus, coupled with scowls on their faces. The match started with the challengers in confident mood but were led into a false sense of security until Dunn punched Lee square in the face before removing their feminine gear to wear their regular trunks instead in what was a ruse by Cataldo and the Juicy Product. Kimber took most of the beating until finally tagging out to Social – who has worked hard to get into the best shape that she’s been in around five years – who went to work on the titleholders. However, their lack of size hindered their ability to do damage and she was pinned following a spike Tombstone in what was a hell of a contest.

5 LuFisto Allysin Kay WSU• So to the main event, where you have to accept that Allysin Kay is getting a title shot without much reason, as she has been absent for close to a year and her last match in WSU was a defeat. The opening of the match saw WSU Champion LuFisto go after Kay’s legs, explaining to the ref that her opponent was very tall, which is logical. Kay rebounded by attacking the ribs and back to stop LuFisto from throwing her around, which also made sense. This led to a few nice moments on the apron where LuFisto kicked out Kay’s legs to take her to the floor, only for the challenger to deliver a back suplex onto the edge of the ring. In the end, it was the Burning Hammer which was the difference maker to end a title defence which – like much of the card – lacked a real reason for taking place.

• The post-match angle saw DJ Hyde, Stephie and Rachelle come out to try and get LuFisto to fall in line but the champ refused before being laid out with a chair shot to the head, busting her wide open hardway, according to LuFisto’s comment which was caught on the camera. Hyde then pulled all the limbs off Pegaboo to the squeals of LuFisto, so one could assume that WSU is looking to line up Stephie v LuFisto in the future, though that wasn’t clear.

7 LuFisto WSU• In fact, much of WSU’s immediate future is unclear. You could guess at that WSU Championship match, and we may get Nevaeh v Niya down the line, but it’s hard to see what else is coming up. This felt like a show which happened because CZW also had a show that day, rather than there being any great need to see any of these matches, with the exception of the Tag Title affair. If there was a show you could afford to miss, this would be it – which is a shame, because it incorporated the demise of Pegaboo after more than five years of service.


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