Team Canada win the 2014 Smash Wrestling CanUSA Classic

Allysin Kay Heidi Lovelace Cherry Bomb Kimber Lee Veda Scott Amazing Kong Taeler Hendrix LuFisto Xandra Bale Angie Skye Vanessa Kraven Leah Von Dutch Jewells Malone Courtney Rush TabercilA year on from the show where she broke her collarbone – well, pre-show to be exact – Courtney Rush picked up MVP honours as part of a successful night for she and her Team Canada members at the 2014 Smash Wrestling CanUSA Classic. In a turnaround from last year’s result, the hosts picked up the team victory, but also saw division following the presentation of the medals.

Vanessa Kraven – who defeated Rush on Smash’s September 13 show and also beat Allysin Kay on last night’s event – attacked the MVP and left the ring to the confusion of her compatriots and the fans, though the reasoning will likely come out in due course. A possible claim could be that she deserved the MVP honour because of her win over Courtney and getting a win over Kay while Rush took two bites of the cherry (pun intended) to get a victory for her country, but we’ll see.

When we spoke to Xandra Bale last month she promised that this year’s CanUSA Classic would be bigger than last year’s event, and she was right – the number of participants swelled from 10 to 14, and also saw storylines both interwoven into the card and coming off the back of it. Reports from the fans in attendance were calling it a great show by the time intermission came around, so it may be worth seeking this show out when it is released.

You can find results from the event at the Canlan Sport Complex in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada below, courtesy of Smash Wrestling.

1. Kimber Lee (USA) defeated Xandra Bale (Canada) with a Ganso Bomb following interference from Cherry Bomb. [USA 1-0 Canada]
2. Veda Scott (USA) beat Jewells Malone (Canada) with a bridging Saito Suplex [USA 2-0 Canada]
3. Cherry Bomb (USA) v Courtney Rush (Canada) went to a double DQ. [USA 2-0 Canada]
– Following the decision, Rush and Bale challenged the Kimber Bombs to determine who would get the point.
4. Vanessa Kraven (Canada) downed Allysin Kay (USA) with a sitout chokebomb. [USA 2-1 Canada]
5. Angie Skye (Canada) bested Heidi Lovelace (USA) with a corner Death Valley Driver. [USA 2-2 Canada]
6. Taeler Hendrix (USA) beat Leah Von Dutch (Canada) with a small package. [USA 3-2 Canada]
7. Courtney Rush & Xandra Bale (Canada) defeated Cherry Bomb & Kimber Lee (USA). Rush made Bomb submit to the Sharpshooter. [USA 3-3 Canada]
8. LuFisto (Canada) pinned Amazing Kong (USA) with a bridging German Suplex. [USA 3-4 Canada]

– Photo by Tabercil


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