TNA to present two Knockouts PPVs in November (spoilers)

TNA Knockouts Knockdown 2014TNA has lined up two Knockouts pay-per-views for the month of November – one is a short biopic while the other is the all-women show filmed back in May.

The first of the two shows released on November 1 will be a one-hour piece about Angelina Love and Velvet Sky. Unfinished Business: The Beautiful People is advertised as “the original ‘mean girls’ of TNA Impact Wrestling. Witness the most dominant women’s tag team in wrestling history.”

It’s strange timing, considering the tandem is on the skids again and the storyline is portraying them as having problems – though it’s more that Love is jealous of Sky’s popularity. It also seems a shame that TNA felt that their seven-year on-off partnership was only worth of an hour, as interviews with the involved parties as well as externals like Madison Rayne could be been somewhat interesting. Having said all that, a longer show would mean a higher price which limits the number of potential paying viewers.

The other offering is a show which will unfortunately show its age. Knockouts Knockdown 2014 is advertised as “Eight aspiring Knockouts will take on eight current TNA Knockouts to determine who is crowned Queen of the Knockouts.” The problem is that since the filming took place – spoilers of which you can see here – there has been some changes. ODB – who won and lost matches on the show – is no longer part of the company, and “aspiring Knockout” Jessicka Havok is now one of the prominent faces in the division and is currently being shown on TV as the challenger to the Knockouts Championship. Having Madison Rayne winning the whole shebang as a babyface worked at the time of filming, but she was rapidly shoved down the ranks over the summer, meaning a somewhat damp ending is on the cards.

It’s one of the unfortunate consequences of filming stuff so far in advance, but that’s been TNA’s wont for most of 2014. Inconsequential as the show may be, it could be worth a watch. We’ll find out in November.


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