Havok wins the TNA Knockouts Championship

Havok TNALast night’s episode of Impact Wrestling saw Havok ascend to the top of the Knockouts division as she defeated Gail Kim to win her first TNA Knockouts Championship.

The pair had two segments during the show. The match was originally scheduled for the middle of the broadcast by Kim was blindsided by Havok in the aisleway and the pair fought around the ringside area with the challenger getting the bulk of the offence, but the titleholder managed to get in the odd flurry before being caught in a dive from the apron and suffered an injured shoulder from a hammerlock spine buster on the floor. Gail sold the injury for a long time and did a great job of it, but it was never really explained why the challenger would try to injure the champion when she had a title match to try and win the belt.

It’s a moot point though as Kim came out close to the end of the show with a taped-up shoulder and said that she was still willing to put the belt on the line. This brought out Havok and the pair picked up where they left off. However, while Gail fought valiantly and sold her shoulder like the experienced veteran that she is, she was eventually put down by Havok courtesy of another hammerlock spinebuster and a chokeslam for the title-winning pinfall.

The title win marks the zenith of Havok’s career up to this point and sees her reach the top of the Knockouts ladder less than a month after her debut in the promotion. The next task is to establish her as a legitimate force and not a flash in the pan benefiting from a superpush. It would also help for viewers to understand more about the Havok character if she was given some promo time, because at the moment it is still questionable as to what her intentions and motivations are. It’s similar to Paige‘s situation when she won the WWE Divas Championship earlier this year out of the blue, and we saw how it was difficult to know who she was and her mindset.

– Photos by Jessicka Havok (front page), TNA (1)


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