In Video: The final defense of the WNC Women’s Championship

Syuri vs Makoto WNC As mentioned in this week’s Roundup, Syuri successfully defended the Wrestling New Classic Women’s Championship against Makoto as part of last Tuesday’s show for REINA. It turned out to be the final defense of the title as it was officially retired. The match held significance as the first two champions fought one last time for the title. Syuri originally dropped the title to Makoto in her first defense back on March 31, 2013 at Shinjuku FACE. From there, Makoto dropped the strap to Lin Byron that April and would have another run at the championship as part of a three-woman round-robin tournament for the vacated belt, involving her, Syuri and Serena Deeb.

Deeb walked out as the victor, but the title went back to Syuri last September, making her a two-time champion and the most successful with five title defenses within her 377-day reign. Through her time of contention Syuri’s collection amassed to four titles, collecting the CMLL-REINA International Championship, the REINA World Women’s Championship that she still currently holds and earning her first kickboxing title, the Krush Women’s Championship. With the promotion closing its doors back in June, the female roster has continued to be affiliated with REINA Joshi Puroresu to this day. For the second time Syuri has become the final holder of a championship, winning its predecessor, the SMASH Divas Championship back in February 2012 by defeating Kana. At Shinkiba 1st RING, the story of the WNC Women’s Championship was brought full circle as Syuri stood tall and the belt was locked away in the briefcase for good.

Photography courtesy of Yuichi Kojima

Video courtesy of Monster Zero! via Dailymotion



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