Fight Like A Girl: Leah Von Dutch

Leah Von Dutch

Leah Von Dutch is going against the grain during this Female Fight Season. She’s heading off to Europe to wrestle in five different countries while others are heading into the continent which she will have left. She’s fine with that, and is looking forward to what is her third European trip where she will take on the likes of Nikki Storm and Nixon Newell – both of whom she discusses during this 20 minute chat.

Before that, the self-professed “Dino Hunter” has a big challenge as part of her efforts to rid SHINE Wrestling of the veterans of the business. After releasing her latest promo video, she managed to raise the ire of Saraya Knight, and the two will fight at SHINE 22 tomorrow – you can order the show by clicking here. Von Dutch also talks about the effort she puts into her promo videos, how we share a pet peeve and how her Euro tour will allow her to meet more of her family.

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(right click on the picture and “save as” to download, or stream in our media player below)


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