SHINE 22 live results – Ivelisse Velez faces Madison Eagles and the Buddy System go for gold

SHINE 22 poster SHINE is presenting its Female Fight Season show with a card littered with international talent, headlined with Ivelisse Velez defending the SHINE Championship against Australia’s Madison Eagles in the main event. However the imports can be found up and down this show with New Zealand’s Evie battling Allysin Kay, Aussie Kellie Skater linking with Leva Bates & Mia Yim against SoCal Val‘s new Valifornia stable of Nevaeh, Jayme Jameson & Marti Belle, Briton Saraya Knight taking on Leah Von Dutch – covered in our most recent Fight Like A Girl interview with Von Dutch – Scotland’s Nikki Storm going against Taylor Made, Australian KC Cassidy making her US debut against Su Yung after being forced to miss last weekend’s Absolute Intense Wrestling Girls Night Out shows due to travel issues and Ireland’s Rhia O’Reilly battling Justine Silver.

Elsewhere on the card, Solo Darling and Heidi Lovelace look to capitalise on their recent string of victories in their Tag Team Championship challenge against Malia Hosaka and Brandi Wine, and La Rosa Negra faces a clash of styles as she takes on throwback wrestler Thunderkitty.

You can order the show and watch live on WWNLive, but we’ve also got results coming as they happen below, so keep hitting refresh for the latest updates.

1. Su Yung beat Amanda Rodriguez via referee stoppage with The Purge.
2. Rhia O’Reilly pinned KC Cassidy following the Rhiajustment DDT
3. La Rosa Negra defeated Thunderkitty with a frog splash.
4. ValiforniaNevaeh & BTY (Marti Belle & Jayme Jameson) beat Kellie Skater & The Lucha Sisters (Mia Yim & Leva Bates). Nevaeh pinned Yim with a bridging German Suplex.
5. Taylor Made defeated Nikki Storm with a Cutter.
6. Leah Von Dutch beat Saraya Knight via DQ when Knight delivered a low blow to the referee.
7. SHINE Tag Team Championship: Legendary (Malia Hosaka & Brandi Wine) (c) defeated The Buddy System (Heidi Lovelace & Solo Darling). Wine pinned Darling following a double-team Gordbuster by Brandi and Thunderkitty. BTY also interfered to distract Lovelace.
8. Allysin Kay pinned Evie with a discus lariat.
9. SHINE Championship: Ivelisse Velez (c) beat Madison Eagles via referee stoppage with a guillotine choke. The pair shook hands afterwards.

– The show ended with an Ivelisse promo which brought out Valkyrie, with Allysin Kay saying she deserved a shot at the title during the WWNLive tour in China. Mia Yim also came out as a representative on that tour, and they were all interrupted by SoCal Val, who pointed out that Nevaeh would be getting the next shot at SHINE 23 on December 5 against whoever returns from the tour with the belt.

Allysin Kay Evie SHINE 22• Predictably, the imports did not fare well in the win-loss bracket at SHINE, as they were ostensibly used to push the regular roster. That’s fine, but it did mean that the results for SHINE 22 were pretty predictable for the most part. That said, the wrestling was of a decent to good standard and there were some standout performances.

• Depending on your preference, the Match of the Night could be either Evie/Allysin Kay or Ivelisse Velez/Madison Eagles. Both were great encounters which differed in their approach but both did a great job. Evie v Kay saw more strike-based offence, which you would expect from the visiting New Zealander, but it also featured some great heel work from Allysin, who is finding her groove again and is putting in some really enjoyable performances. The top moments of the match all centred around Evie’s corner Yakuza Kick, as she missed the first and ended up in a tree of woe, and Kay had the same thing happen to her when she tried to imitate/mock her opponent. Evie finally nailed it in a moment which featured a great bit of camerawork which made her look like she appeared from nowhere. In the end, Evie’s kicks weren’t enough to stop Kay, who got the win with a big discus lariat.

Madison Eagles Ivelisse Velez SHINE 22• The size difference between Eagles and Velez was striking, especially when you consider that the challenger has bulked up recently to make herself look even more imposing. The usual fork-based stuff was there at the start but was tossed to one side for a really good battle which furthered Velez’s credibility as champion – and there should be no denying her abilities by now, considering her run of great matches. Her Vertigo Kick failed to get the job done but she kept returning to choke-based offence like the guillotine and a dragon sleeper to try and get the win. In the end, persistence paid off as Eagles passed out.

• That would have been a better finish had the same thing not happened in the opening contest with Su Yung using the Purge on Amanda Rodriguez – who stepped into KC Cassidy’s spot, as she was moved to face Rhia O’Reilly due to Justine Silver being hospitalised. It was a big Su Yung Amanda Rodriguez SHINE 22squash win in the end, but it showed off the continuing deterioration of Yung, who is now dragging her feet as she walks and looks like she can barely maintain her own balance.

• As mentioned, Cassidy v O’Reilly was a last minute change and barring some awkward moments near the end, both should be happy with their match. Cassidy has a fantastic look and she also has ability to back it up. Nothing to complain about here.

• Leah Von Dutch played the sympathetic heel role in her match with Saraya Knight. It would be incorrect to say she was a face but she had face tendencies in that she was beaten up and trying to draw some emotion from the audience against the bullying veteran. In the end, the finish was a diplomatic one as Von Dutch got the win via DQ when Knight kicked referee Frankie Leah Von Dutch Saraya Knight SHINE 22Gastineau below the belt after he broke up her Bridal Rocking Horse submission attempt. Knight loses nothing with the defeat, Von Dutch’s record against senior members of the roster remains intact – nobody really loses.

• There was another heel v heel match on the card with Nikki Storm facing Taylor Made and it wasn’t clear who we were meant to hate or like more than the other. Storm was her usual over-animated self and she made full use of the camera around ringside to convey emotion, which was something that a lot of the roster forgot to do. The match itself wasn’t much but a foil to start a situation with Valkyrie and La Rosa Negra as she stole a pair of brass knuckles that April Hunter had tried to pass to Taylor during the match.

• This SHINE audience loves La Rosa Negra, and she didn’t let them down in what could have been a car wreck of a match against Thunderkitty. Instead, they employed the use of Leilani Kai and Noemi Bosques to create more heat from the outside. Kai – who really needs to stop eating the plaid trucker shirts – worked as a great annoyance on the outside and helped TK get some proper heel heat. It also worked well for Negra’s comeback, which was hot, exciting and looked great. The frog splash at the end was a thing of beauty. If the top two matches were the two best of the show, this takes a very comfortable bronze.

• Similarly, there was a lot of interference and outside antics in the Tag Team Championship match. Considering this match was meant to involve four women, it ended up seeing nine involved in the mix. Kai and Thunderkitty were running interference for Malia Hosaka and Brandi Wine; Daffney was dosing Solo Darling up on sugar for the hot tag and Jayme Jameson & Marti Belle came out at the end to keep Heidi Lovelace out of play. It was constantly busy, and the action was fine. Considering our fandom for the Buddy System we were disappointed at their defeat but Legendary still have steam left in them and the stable is looking pretty healthy.

Nevaeh Kellie Skater SHINE 22• While on the subject of BTY, the Valifornia stable made its presence felt with a big win over Kellie Skater and former doubles champs Mia Yim and Leva Bates. Nevaeh was the one who got the biggest rub following a relatively pedestrian six woman tag match with a German Suplex pin on Yim to help in her quest to rise up the ladder. However, their interaction was felt across the whole show. As well as the match and the interference later in the broadcast, SoCal Val commentated on Storm’s match with Taylor Made and also ran down the roster after the main event. Val has skills on the mic and it’s nice to see her getting a chance to use them. It’s also worth noting that with the debuts of Legendary and Valifornia that Valkyrie seems to have been pushed out of the spotlight somewhat.

• Positioning Nevaeh as the next challenger for the SHINE Championship is fine by me. She’s been consistent and really proved herself in her title defeat to Ivelisse on the last show. It’s about time that a promotion stuck a rocket underneath her as she’s got plenty to brag about, and with Val as a mouthpiece for her, it means that she can get on with the wrestling. Smart work.

• So all in all, SHINE 22 was a series of entertaining exhibition matches with some storyline dotted around the place and some well-travelled cannon fodder to boot. It managed to forward some elements, which was good, but we’ll see how it carries the momentum when it returns on December 5 with its regular group of wrestlers.


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