Vickie Guerrero declined SmackDown anniversary invitation

Vickie Guerrero WWEYou may have noticed somebody missing in that gathering of former SmackDown General Managers on last night’s 15th anniversary episode. Stephanie McMahon, Teddy Long and John Laurinaitis were all present but the one who most abused the power for their own personal gain was conspicuous by her absence.

Vickie Guerrero left WWE in June after a nine-year tenure in the promotion, during which she enjoyed two stints as SmackDown GM, helping her beau Edge to cling onto the World Heavyweight Championship and later to try and take it from him. While Long is probably most synonymous with the role due to him having the longest combined run in charge of the blue brand, Guerrero also made a significant mark – so it was strange to not see her there.

As it turns out, it’s not because she wasn’t invited, but because she turned down the offer to be there because of her new career. From her Twitter account:

Guerrero has been studying medical administration since her departure and it’s refreshing for someone who leaves the wrestling business to actively elect to stay gone rather than returning every so often to soak up the atmosphere and collect a payday. Besides, considering it has only been around 14 weeks since she left the company after dumping McMahon in a pool full of brown goo, it may feel like she has never been gone – plus the dynamic of having Vickie and Stephanie in the same ring would have to rake it all up again, and it was quickly brushed under the carpet after it happened so WWE could carry on with McMahon’s feud against Brie Bella.


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