Ringbelles Retro: Former WWE Diva v Future WWE Diva – Ivory v Natalya

Natalya IvoryIt’s a clash of generations for this Retro as the past meets the future on the independent scene. On October 8, 2006, Big Time Wrestling held a show in Newark, CA with the Extreme (now Elite) Canadian Championship Wrestling Supergirls (now Women’s) Title on the line.

The titleholder Ivory – a woman who got her start in Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling in 1986 and won the WWF/E Women’s Championship on three occasions before being released from her contract in 2005 – put the belt on the line against Nattie Neidhart. While not a rookie – the third-generation wrestler had been stepping into the ring for around six years by this point and had toured the United Kingdom and Japan – she was seen as the fresh-faced upstart with a chip on her shoulder in her challenge to the veteran, who was enjoying her 20th year in the industry at this point.

Neidhart would go on to sign with WWE in January 2007 before debuting on the main roster a year later under the guise of Natalya, holding the Divas Championship one time at the end of 2010 and currently on her third season of Total Divas, which seems to be shaping her career these days.

We’ve spoken to Ivory for the Women Of Wrestling Podcast, and she remains the only wrestler whom we have had to split over two episodes because of the sheer bulk of information delivered. You can listen to the first half where she talks about GLOW, standing up Ricky Steamboat and bimbos in wrestling by clicking here; and if you would rather listen to her talk about her WWE years including working with the Fabulous Moolah and Mae Young, Miss Kitty being a locker room poison, her WrestleMania X-Seven match with Chyna and what the deal was with the purple scarf, click here. To be honest, they’re both worth your time, so download and have a listen to a fascinating women taking no prisoners.


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