Gail Kim talks British Boot Camp 2, Divas, Knockouts and more

TNA British Boot Camp 2 Gail KimDespite there possibly not being a TNA within a few months, British Boot Camp 2 kicks off this weekend in the UK with an audition process to see who makes it to the next stage where the contestants got to wrestle at London’s York Hall – a show which took place on August 16 and we’ll bring you photos and thoughts once the show is aired.

To hype the premier episode this Sunday, judge Gail Kim spoke to the V2 Wrestling Podcast on a range of subjects – some of which have been transcribed for the Wrestling Observer.

She was asked about the Knockouts main eventing Impact Wrestling – such as when Kim fought Havok a few weeks ago (though the match itself was the lowest rated segment of the show) – saying, “I think it shows that Impact Wrestling has confidence in their women, and I think that they should because we are just as passionate and we can deliver when the pressure is on. I can’t speak for the fans and I’ve only heard positive reactions in terms of us main eventing the show, but I think we have something different to offer that the other promotion doesn’t offer, and that’s a strong women’s division. I think we have all taken the ball and ran with it.”

She also commented on the WWE Divas: “To me, I don’t think they’ll ever give the girls the main event. I mean, they have in the past, but I just feel that it hasn’t happened as consistently for years with the way that women’s wrestling is portrayed there. Hey, I want to be wrong, but all I can do is really concentrate on my job and where our women’s division is going. I just want to make this a success and I want to give the fans an opportunity to see the girls on that platform, and I think it’s a great alternative.”

Personally, I feel that the main event is a great thing to yell about but it depends on the circumstances around why you are the main event. In WWE’s case, the few times that women have been in the main event spotlight have been memorable occasions which had enough backstory to them – Lita‘s matches with Stephanie McMahon in August 2000 and against Trish Stratus in December 2004 immediately spring to mind. TNA can boast some well hyped women’s show-enders – like Kim dropping the Knockouts Championship to Awesome Kong in January 2008, though Mickie James‘ win over Tara in a cage match had minimum build-up, though it’s touted as evidence that TNA has more respect for its female roster than WWE does. Likewise, the Havok v Kim main event was not a ratings success, which would discourage a promoter from doing the same in the future.

Dixie Carter TNADixie Carter’s table bump from the summer was also discussed: “I was so excited. Because, you know, if you wrestle this long, you’ve seen it all – not that you’ve seen it all – but it’s hard to maybe get surprised by something. And that was the first thing in a long time where I was saying, ‘Oh my God, I can’t believe this is happening.’ I think the fans were excited, I think we were all excited. I thought it was a great thing that happened.”

Again, it was a big moment which was hyped for a long time – but the fact that wrestlers are alright with a 49 year old woman taking such a dangerous move and legitimately injuring herself is a little unsettling. Perhaps Kim is towing the company line, who knows.

As well as the other topics, British Boot Camp 2 was also brought up: “We were there in terms of the first process. The first round is ‘show your personality’ – we kind of get to know each contestant and see what they’ve got. If you can entertain us and show us something, whether it’s presence or charisma, then you can move on to the next round and show us what you have in the ring. Sometimes we would ask them to show us a little bit of physicality in the ring. Certain people are known for their wrestling, so we wanted them to show us a little bit of their strengths. I think we picked the right ones; everybody can see on October 19th when the show premieres. I’ve been told that we picked the right ones, so we’ll just let the viewers decide.”

We’ll see what happens but it will be interesting to see what happens during the audition process. The editing will have a big influence on how wrestlers are portrayed but I expect some to be given a tough time to make the opening shows more entertaining. We’ll discuss it more after it airs.


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