Divas Championship match announced for Sunday’s Hell in a Cell, but has the result been telegraphed?

AJ Lee Paige WWEIt will be their third singles match – and their fourth time facing each other in any form or fashion – on PPV this year this Sunday. AJ Lee defends the WWE Divas Championship against Paige at Hell in a Cell in the latest instalment of their ongoing feud which has gone from trading the title to becoming frenemies to their latest instalment which seems to be designed to portray the current titleholder as the women who can’t produce friendships. Since AJ won her third title at Night of Champions last month, Paige has severed their volatile association and aligned herself with former rival Alicia Fox to have a numbers game on the titleholder, as well as demonstrate how isolated AJ is in the Divas locker room.

This has been demonstrated in recent weeks as AJ abandoned Emma during a tag match on October 6 and then had the same think happen to her when Layla walked out on Lee the following week. With the numbers game not being in the champion’s favour, one would imagine that Paige will be the favourite to claim her third Divas Title… though all may not be as it seems.

Also announced today is the latest additions to the Total Divas – new BFFs Paige and Fox. However, both Nikki Bella and Cameron have pointed out in the last couple of months that their participation on the show means that they are ineligible to hold the Divas Championship as their reign will not tally up with what is happening on regular WWE programming. It has meant that AJ and Paige have had a virtual free reign over the title picture, though that could come to an end with Paige and Fox being added into the mix when the show returns from its mid-season break on January 4 next year.

Total DivasIf that rule is still in operation and the decision hasn’t been overturned, one would expect AJ to hold onto the belt on Sunday – and if Paige can’t win it while she’s part of the show then that effectively ends the title feud. However, considering most of the Diva roster is on that show, maybe it’s time for that caveat to be scrapped. After all, just because a wrestler is Divas Champion, that doesn’t have to be acknowledged on the show… or maybe Paige knows something we don’t as demonstrated by this tweet.


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