In Video: Some Oz Academy

Oz Academy Here at Ringbelles, we have posted a bunch of matches from over in Japan. Promotions like World Wonder Ring STARDOM, Ice Ribbon, Pro Wrestling WAVE, REINA Joshi Puroresu(just to name a few) have been featured on this website. But in comparison, OZ Academy has not received that same amount of attention, but not on purpose. Majority of these shows we’ve stumbled across have either been uploaded to Dailymotion or YouTube, making it easier to access. Therefore the availability allows us to share them with you as well.

OZ Academy has a show scheduled for Sunday, headlined by the Openweight Championship match, Tsubasa Kuragaki will make her first title defense as champion against Tomoka Nakagawa. The rest of the card is here. The promotion will be holding another show on November 8th and closing out the month at the Nagoya Club Diamond Hall on November 30th.

The video features the promotion’s “Heart On Wave“show at Shinjuku FACE back on September 23rd. The show featured a decider for the vacant OZ Academy Tag Team Championship between Mayumi Ozaki and Sakura Hirota against Aja Kong and Tsubasa Kuragaki, as Hiroyo Matsumoto’s untimely injury forced she and Tomoka Nakagawa to vacate the belts. The rest of the card consisted of two singles matches-Yumi Ohka taking on Manami Toyota and Mio Shirai meeting Hamuko Hoshi. Besides the title match, there were two additional tag team matches-including Hikaru Shida and Kagetsu wrestling Kaho Kobayashi and AKINO and the latter between Misaki Ohata and Nakagawa agaisnt Ayako Hamada and Dynamite Kansai.

Photo courtesy of Oz Academy

Video courtesy of RealHero via Dailymotion


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